Medical And Public Health Services

The Directorate of Health and Family Welfare Services is providing comprehensive health care and services to the people of the State through its network. The state has an extensive network of 293 (176 Government) hospitals, 1,297 Primary Health Centres, 622 Primary Health Units/dispensaries and 7,793 Sub-centres with more than 50,000 bed strength.


  • Rural Health Programme

    The state is following the National pattern of three-tier health infrastructure in rendering Primary Health Centres, Health Units, Community Health Centres and Sub-Centres. The policy of the Government is to establish one Primary Health Centre for every 30,000 population and one primary health unit for every 15-20 thousand population and a Sub-Centre for 5,000 population. The Community Health Centre (CHP) for every one lakh of population or one out of four P.H.Cs. to be formed to cater to the health care of the rural mass.


  • Maternal and Child Health Services

    Great emphasis is laid on improving the health of the mother and child. Under these programmes, children are immunized against Tetanus, T.B, Polio, Measles, Diphtheria, Pertussis. Pregnant women too are immunized against Tetanus. Under the National programme of Prevention of Blindness, Vitamin `A’ concentrate is being distributed to the children.


  • Schools Health Programme

    Medical examinations are conducted for children in all the primary and higher primary schools in the rural areas. Immunization against DT and TT, treatment of ailments, health education to teachers and students etc., are included in this School Health Programme.


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