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Domed Gateway. Photographer Shriram Swaminathan

Domed Gateway, Hampi – Grand Entryway of the Past

The Domed Gateway is an ancient doorway situated in the town of Hampi. The huge entrance gateway is an interesting structure that attracts visitors’ attention. It is one of the well-preserved structures of Hampi and has managed to withstand the test of time and human destruction. Quick Facts Timing: Open on all days of the […]

Bhima's Gate, Hampi. Photographer Lakshmisharath

Bhima’s Gate, Hampi – An Impressive Entry Way

Bhima’s Gate is one of the massive gateways of the fortified Vijayanagara Empire. The prominent structure is one of the many gateways that allowed one to enter the walled city in the ancient days. Bhima’s Gate is located between the domed gate and the Ganagitti Jaina Temple. It is considered to be one of the […]

lotus mahal, hospet near Hampi

Lotus Mahal, Hampi – A Spectacular Sight among the Architectural Ruins

The Lotus Mahal or Lotus Palace is a unique structure located among the rich architectural ruins of Hampi. This majestic structure is a part of the Zenana Enclosure, a secluded area reserved for the royal ladies of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Lotus Mahal is also known as the Chitragani Mahal and Kamal Mahal. The highlight […]

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angsana resort, bangalore

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resorts

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort of Bangalore, situated along the verdant greenery of the countryside, offers a world of luxury and comfort to its guests. With its infusion of Asian heritage with the contemporary style of architecture, Angsana Oasis provides a vibrant and rejuvenating experience to its guests. The resort is easily accessible, as it […]

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kanthi nivas resort, chikmagalur

Resorts near Chikmagalur: Kanthi Nivas

Chikmagalur is a valley with breath taking natural beauty. Increasing the beauty of the valley are the various holiday resorts that share a part of this natural beauty. One such peaceful and greenery soaked resort near Chikmagalur is the Kanthi Nivas. Kanthi Nivas – A Sojourn Surrounded by Nature on All Sides Kanthi Nivas is […]

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Hazara Rama Temple Outer Wall, Hampi. Photographer Dinesh Kannambadi

Hazara Rama Temple, Hampi: A story Carved in Stone

Hazara Rama Temple in Hampi is an important shrine in Hampi. This small but beautiful temple is located at the center of the royal area. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, a hindu deity. It was once the private temple of the kings and the royal family of Vijayanagara. The temple is famous for […]

HDK’s Council of Ministers 2006

Karnataka Cabinet – Council of Ministers in HDK’s Tenure in 2006 This was last updated on February 18, 2006 Name Cabinet Rank H D Kumaraswamy [JD(S)](Chief Minister) Home, Urban development and Information Technology and Biotechnology B S Yediyurappa [BJP](Deputy Chief Minister) Finance, Large & Medium Industries and Excise Basavaraj Horatti [JD[S]] Primary & Secondary Education, […]

Magod Falls

Magod falls is about 80 kms from Karwar. River Bedti gushes down in two leaps offering a beautiful view and the wooded area offers an ideal picnic spot. The beautiful falls amidst dense growth of evergreen forests plummets down into a rocky ravine from a height of 650 ft. Magod falls can be reached by […]