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Chandikesvara Temple in Hampi. Photographer Dinesh Kannambadi

Chandikesvara Temple, Hampi – Beauty Etched on Stone

Chandikesvara Temple in Hampi is a remarkable temple well known for its impressive architecture. It was built during the period of the Vijayanagara Empire. The temple is situated just by the main road to Hampi. The beautiful temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu. It is one of the prominent temples in Hampi […]

Prasanna Virupaksha or Underground Shiva Temple, Hampi. Photographer Ssenthilkumaran

Prasanna Virupaksha or Underground Shiva Temple, Hampi

Prasanna Virupaksha temple is one of oldest temples in Hampi. Built during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire, the temple is located near the main road to Hampi bus stand and close to the Noblemen’s quarters after Chandikesvara temple. It is one of the popular temples that are visited by tourists on the Hampi trail. […]

Ganagitti Temple, Hampi. Photographer Dr Murali Mohan Gurram

Ganagitti Temple, Hampi – Beauty in Simplicity

Ganagitti Temple in Hampi is a Jain temple. It is located on the Kampli road, on the way to Bhima’s Gate. This lovely temple is one of the simple stone structures in Hampi. The temple is one of the earliest structures constructed during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire. It is one of the notable […]

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Sri Shanimahathma Temple, Madhure

District: Bangalore Town: Madhure Temple: Sri Shanimahathma Temple Sri Shanimahathma temple is located a few kilometers away from Bangalore city near Nelamangala town. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shanishwara, one of the planets in Hindu Astrology. Sri Shanimahathma Temple – Overview Shani or Shanishwara is one of the nine planets in Hindu astrology. […]

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Uttameshwara Temple, Koppa

Town: Koppa District: Chikmagalur Temple: The Uttameshwara Temple The Uttameshwara Shiva temple is located in Koppa Taluq in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Uttameshwara Temple – Overview The Uttameshwara temple in Koppa is a Shiva temple. Set in the cool backdrop of the Malnad region, this is a relatively less known temple. It is very […]

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Photo courtesy: Chimes Montessori, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Why Pre-schools are important

Bangalore has many pre-schools that help in preparing the child for its future. Many of the pre-schools in Bangalore cater to international standard of education, child care and hygiene. The all important aspect of pre-schooling is to understand the child’s need and choose a school accordingly. “Too soon too much” is always a worry for […]

Waate Halla / Hole Falls

This falls is created by the tributary of Aghanashini river. It is situated 30 kms from Sirsi town, Western Ghats. The waterfalls plunges from about 100ft. Waate meaning river side bamboo, which is found here in abundance.  Halla meaning pit. Hole meaning pond. This place is close to Unchalli fall, Benne hole falle, Yana. How […]

Shivarudrappa H.T. Sangliana – The Iconic Policeman and Politician

Politicians and policemen are often treated with distrust mainly because of the seemingly corrupt system, but there are some icons in both fields who go against the flow and actually instill hope in people that not all is lost. One man who has inspired people through his work in the police force is Dr. H.T. […]