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Bhima's Gate, Hampi. Photographer Lakshmisharath

Bhima’s Gate, Hampi – An Impressive Entry Way

Bhima’s Gate is one of the massive gateways of the fortified Vijayanagara Empire. The prominent structure is one of the many gateways that allowed one to enter the walled city in the ancient days. Bhima’s Gate is located between the domed gate and the Ganagitti Jaina Temple. It is considered to be one of the […]

lotus mahal, hospet near Hampi

Lotus Mahal, Hampi – A Spectacular Sight among the Architectural Ruins

The Lotus Mahal or Lotus Palace is a unique structure located among the rich architectural ruins of Hampi. This majestic structure is a part of the Zenana Enclosure, a secluded area reserved for the royal ladies of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Lotus Mahal is also known as the Chitragani Mahal and Kamal Mahal. The highlight […]

Top Restaurants on Bengaluru-Mysuru Road

You leave your home early morning groggy eyed but looking forward to the much-needed break to charming Mysore. But what journey is complete without discovering that perfect cup of coffee, a crisp plate of dosa and steaming batch of idlies. And the roads from Bengaluru to Mysore have a line up of some fabulous pit […]

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lumbini gardens, bangalore. Photographer Anton Rino

Nagavara Lake, Bangalore – A Lake with a Difference

Nagavara Lake is one of the popular attractions of Bangalore. The lake is situated in the Outer Ring Road of Bangalore. The beauty of the lake has an appeal of its own. Adding to the natural beauty of the lake is the recently developed Lumbini Gardens that stands on the banks of the water body. […]

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Ballalarayana Durga, Chikamagalur. Photographer Rakesh Holla

Ballalarayana Durga Fort, Chikmagalur – An Enigmatic Place

Forts always have a mysterious aura surrounding them. Most of them are reminiscences of a rich bygone era. Every fort has a history associated with it. Now if a fort exists in the midst of dense forest and atop a hill in the beautiful Western Ghats, it is bound to be a place full of […]

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Near by Udupi

Manipal is also called as university town or center of higher learning. It is 5 Kms from Udupi on Shimoga road and 60 Kms from Mangalore. It is home to the famous Manipal University. Other than just being a learning center it is also a beautiful town you can visit and enjoy. If you are […]

Chairman’s Resorts

Resort Overview Chairman’s Resort of Bangalore is one of the famous resorts in Bangalore which provides exceptional leisure, recreation and relaxation facilities to its guests, regardless of their age. Situated in two acres of land with the backdrop of scenic natural environs, Chairman’s Resort provides an ideal escape spot from the hustle and bustle of […]

The Deens Academy, Bangalore

The Deens Academy at Whitefield strives towards bringing out the best in its students right from a tender age. The main objective of The Deens Academy is to impart quality education that will not only increase the knowledge base of the students but also help them in empowerment and transformation. It is a fact that […]