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Anjeyanadri Hill, Hampi: Journey to the Monkey Temple

Anjeyanadri Hill is an interesting destination to explore in Hampi. The hill is famous as the birth place of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god of Hindus. It is located at a distance of about 5 km from the historical site of Hampi. The hill has a unique charm and the natural beauty of the surroundings […]

Ancient Bridge, Hamp. Photographer Somsubhra Sharangi

Ancient Bridge, Hampi: The Missing Link to the Past

The Ancient bridge of Hampi is believed to have existed behind the Vittala Temple, lying to the south of the Purandaradasa Mantapa. There are innumerable structures in Hampi. Most of them are in a ruined state. A few of the structures have managed to survive in a good condition till date. But there are some […]

Fishing Camp, Valanoor, Coorg. Photosource Orange County

Top 3 Activities to Do in Valanoor, Coorg

Valanoor is a small and pleasant hamlet situated in Coorg, Karnataka. The place is also known as Vaalnuru. It is located near the Dubare forest. The place is a picturesque location with the forest on one side and the river Cauvery flowing through it. Valanoor is a popular destination for nature lovers and fish aficionados. […]

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Sri Shanimahathma Temple, Madhure

District: Bangalore Town: Madhure Temple: Sri Shanimahathma Temple Sri Shanimahathma temple is located a few kilometers away from Bangalore city near Nelamangala town. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shanishwara, one of the planets in Hindu Astrology. Sri Shanimahathma Temple – Overview Shani or Shanishwara is one of the nine planets in Hindu astrology. […]

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tiger ranch resort, chikmagalur

Resorts near Chikmagalur: Tiger Ranch

Chikmagalur is a place with abundant natural beauty. This fertile valley is drenched in greenery and is situated in the foothills of the mighty Western Ghats. The scenic beauty and the unpolluted atmosphere of the place have led to its popularity as a traveler’s paradise. Set in the alluring locales of Chikmagalur are some of […]

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Bhoganandishwara Temple, Nandi Hills

About Chikballapur

Born in 2007 as a new district, Chikballapur rose out of what was earlier a part of the district of Kolar. Today, the district headquarters, Chikballapur is well on its way to becoming a hub of economic and social importance in the state of Karnataka. Numerous real estate insiders believe that Chikballapur is very close […]

Corner House – Sharpen Your Sweet Tooth

Ever felt the sudden craving for an ice cream or a milk shake? Head on over to Corner House and your ever throbbing sweet tooth will finally be satisfied to the max. From thick milkshakes to simple scoops are available for all the flavors, some of which include Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Pistachio. You can […]

Saundatti Fort. Photographer Manjunath Doddamani Gajendragad


District: Belgaum Town: Saundatti Temple: Puradeshwara and Ankeshwara Temples Saundatti is located at a distance of 78 kilometers from Belgaum city, in Belgaum district of Karnataka. It is a Taluq which was previously known as Parasgad. Saundatti – Overview Saundatti, also known as Savadatti, is an ancient town in Belgaum, a pilgrimage center, a historical […]