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Domed Gateway. Photographer Shriram Swaminathan

Domed Gateway, Hampi – Grand Entryway of the Past

The Domed Gateway is an ancient doorway situated in the town of Hampi. The huge entrance gateway is an interesting structure that attracts visitors’ attention. It is one of the well-preserved structures of Hampi and has managed to withstand the test of time and human destruction. Quick Facts Timing: Open on all days of the […]

Bhima's Gate, Hampi. Photographer Lakshmisharath

Bhima’s Gate, Hampi – An Impressive Entry Way

Bhima’s Gate is one of the massive gateways of the fortified Vijayanagara Empire. The prominent structure is one of the many gateways that allowed one to enter the walled city in the ancient days. Bhima’s Gate is located between the domed gate and the Ganagitti Jaina Temple. It is considered to be one of the […]

lotus mahal, hospet near Hampi

Lotus Mahal, Hampi – A Spectacular Sight among the Architectural Ruins

The Lotus Mahal or Lotus Palace is a unique structure located among the rich architectural ruins of Hampi. This majestic structure is a part of the Zenana Enclosure, a secluded area reserved for the royal ladies of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Lotus Mahal is also known as the Chitragani Mahal and Kamal Mahal. The highlight […]

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Hotels in Bangalore

Unless otherwise specified the area/STD code for all telephone numbers is 080 (+91-80). For service apartments and Bed & Breakfast click here. Need help with bookings? Click here! Name Address Phone – Fax – Email Luxury (Above Rs 6,000) Grand Ashok Kumara Krupa, High Grounds, Bangalore Phone: 3052-7777 Fax: 3052-3052 Ista Hotels 1/1 Swamy Vivekananda […]

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river tern, chikmagalur

Resorts near Chikmagalur: The River Tern Lodge

Indeed the River Tern Lodge is a canvass of natural beauty forming a perfect blend with rich wildlife. The lodge derives its name from the flocking of thousands of River Terns during the breeding season on a nearby island. The sight of congregation of so many elegant River Terns offers a brilliant view to a […]

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Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple

District: Hassan Town: Arsikere Temple: Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Hill Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple – Overview The Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy temple is also known as Amaragiri Malekal Tirupathi temple. It lies in the town of Arsikere in the district of Hassan, in Karanataka State. The Amaragiri Malekar Tirupati temple has about 1300 […]

IT News (2003)

Also see BPO/call center news from India, IT news for the years  2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2004, 2003 December 2003 Infosys tool to track better supply chain Operations revamp puts Netkraft back in black Infosys Attempts Paradigm Shift In HR Three IT companies plan expansion in Karnataka coastal region First Consulting lines up plans to […]


Social Welfare Measures Family Welfare Services In 1964 Family Planning Bureau was formed at each District Headquarters to coordinate the family welfare activity. Facilities have been provided in all medical institutions for conducting vasectomy, tubectomy, laproscopic operations and IUD placements. Intensive propaganda through lectures, film shows, exhibitions, publicity, literature etc., are conducted throughout the state […]