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Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple, Hampi. Photographer Arun

Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple, Hampi: A Unique Monument in Stone

Kadalekalu Ganesha is one of the largest statues of Lord Ganesha that exists in the southern part of India. The shrine housing the statue of Kadalekalu Ganesha is situated on the slope of the Hemakuta Hill in Hampi. It is a remarkable monolithic statue and one of the most popular tourist sites in Hampi. Quick […]

Hampi Bazaar. Photographer Bryce Edwards

Hampi Bazaar – A Quaint Marketplace

Hampi Bazaar is a unique attraction of Hampi. Located in front of the Virupaksha Temple, the Hampi Bazaar is a well-known market place that spreads for more than one kilometer. The road passing through the market has series of old pavilions on both sides. The place used to be a thriving market during the days […]



Deepavali or Diwali is the festival of diyas or deepas (lights). This five day festival marks the Demon Narkasura killed by Lord Krishna, has been  celebrated across the country and all over the world by Hindus. It is also called Kaumudi Deepam or Dipalika. The Festival Of Lights is the most celebrated Hindu festival. It […]

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myra vineyards, Bangalore

Myra Vineyards, Victoria Road, Bangalore

Myra Vineyards was founded by Ajay Shetty in December 2011. Headquartered in Bangalore, the vineyard was established to create wines that entice the taste of discerning enthusiasts. The brand follows the policy of offering high quality wines that can be enjoyed by everyone. The brand has established a name for itself in a short duration […]

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river tern, chikmagalur

Resorts near Chikmagalur: The River Tern Lodge

Indeed the River Tern Lodge is a canvass of natural beauty forming a perfect blend with rich wildlife. The lodge derives its name from the flocking of thousands of River Terns during the breeding season on a nearby island. The sight of congregation of so many elegant River Terns offers a brilliant view to a […]

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Irupu Falls. Photographer Philanthropist 1

Iruppu Falls

The river descends perpendicularly into a great cataract known as the Iruppu Falls. This place is believed to possess the power to cleanse one’s sins and is visited by thousands of devotees from far and near on Shivaratri day. There is temple dedicated to Sri Ram, surrounded by paddy fields, from where it is a […]

Oriental Research Institute, Mysore

Oriental Research Institute, Mysore

The Oriental Research Institute (ORI), Mysore is an establishment dedicated to collection, exhibition, edition and publishing of rare manuscripts in both Sanskrit and Kannada languages. Formerly known as Oriental Library, this institute was established in the year 1891 under the guidance of Chamaraja Wodeyar, the then King of the erstwhile Mysore State. It is located […]

People from various parts of Karnataka take the exam

ComedK statistics

It is always interesting to read about numbers. We list some important statistics about Karnataka Comedk for the year 2011. We will try to update it as and when the board published these numbers. Applicants & Exam profiled Majority of candidates are from outside Karnataka, male and Engineering is the most popular curriculum. Very few […]