Surathkal Beach – Stretch Your Legs in Surathkal!

Surathkal is a quiet suburb in Mangalore. The principal claim to fame is the Surathkal Engineering College and the beach. The beach is clean and unspoilt by tourist traffic.

Mangalore has a long stretch of shoreline with unspoilt beaches. The South Kanara district also has a legacy of educational institutions offering quality education. Surathkal, which is a suburb of Mangalore, has been lucky on both counts ‑ it boasts of a beautiful beach and also one of the best engineering colleges in India.

An Overview of the Beach

Surathkal beach is located 12 km from Mangalore city. The beach is close to the college. Mangalore is well connected to the rest of India by road and rail. The nearest airport to Surathkal beach is Mangalore. Surathkal has only one hotel that will suit the budget traveller. It is preferable to stay in Mangalore and plan a day excursion to Surathkal. Mangalore has a variety of hotels to suit every budget and can accommodate travellers on a limited budget at short notice.

Surathkal Beach

Mangalore is located on the coast and has a hot, humid climate the year around. Monsoons are heavy and last for 4 months of the year. The best time to visit is during November‑February when the heat and humidity is tolerable.

Buses ply at regular intervals from Mangalore to Surathkal. Auto rickshaws are available from Mangalore to Surathkal. Surathkal beach has a curving shoreline and has a lighthouse at the end of the beach. The lighthouse is situated on a rocky hillock and offers an uninterrupted view of the countryside and sea around. The lighthouse is open to visitors between 4.00 pm and 5 pm.

The traveler should definitely stay back to see the sunset from Surathkal beach. The mornings bring in fishermen from the neighbouring hamlets that launch their fishing boats into the sea.

Other Places To See In Surathkal

  • Sadashiva Temple: This ancient temple to Lord Shiva is perched atop a hillock. There are 4 ponds surrounding the temple in the shape of a conch, wheel, mace, and lotus. The view of the surroundings from the temple is awesome.
  • Astha Matha: This math was established by Saint Madhwacharya and has intricate trellis work in its construction
  • Sacred Heart Church: This is one of the oldest parishes in Surathkal.
  • Sasihitulu village is about 5 km from Surathkal. The Pavanje River flows into the Arabian Sea forming an estuary. The view from an elevation is beautiful.
  • Moodbidri: Moodbidri is about 20 km away from Surathkal. This town has been a centre of Jainism since the 15th century. There are Jain temples here, which are still in good condition.
  • Murdeshwar: Murdeshwar is famous for tis beach and the Shiva temple. The temple has a gigantic statue of Lord Shiva overlooking the beach.
  • Udupi, Kollur, and Kukke Subramanya are the pilgrimage centres close to Mangalore. Mangalore can be used as a base to travel to these temples.
  • There are the Malpe, Kaup, and Someshwara beaches near Mangalore that can rival the beaches of Goa in natural beauty.

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