The Sights and Sounds at Malpe Beach

Beaches are popular for a reason as they provide ample recreational opportunities for kids and adults alike. While kids frequent beaches due to their love for the waves and the never ending stretches of sand, adults visit beaches as they provide an escape from the rigorous routine of daily life.

The Malpe Beach is one of a kind, where you can fully enjoy the rest and peace that you require together with nature and relish every single moment.

An Overview of the Beach

A natural port located just 6 km from Udupi, Karnataka; the Malpe beach is known for its charming and attractive golden brown sand and turquoise blue waters. It is lined with palm trees and the blue skies above add to the scene, providing a perfect picture. Your vacation will be complete when you lie down on the sand and enjoy every bit of the natural splendour around you, along with the cool air from the sea and shades from the palms.

Maple Beach

The amazing view of the sea is sure to make your trip unforgettable. The beach in Malpe is also termed as a virgin beach as its beauty remains untouched and intact. A small river, known as the Udayavara River, flows around the beach and this is also known as the Malpe River.

Activities and Things to Do

The activities that you can take up in the beach are abundant and most of these activities are nature-based ones. The beach has numerous islands nearby and it can be an amazing experience to watch these islands from up close.

Daria -Bahadurgad is the northernmost island here and Kari-Illada-Kallu is the southernmost island in the region. Daria-Gadara-Kalluthe is situated between the northern most and the southernmost islands and the fourth island that you need watch out for is St. Mary’s Island, which is also called Thonse Paar.

St. Mary’s Island is the most popular attraction in this place and a small ride on a local boat from the beach can get you there. The island is known for its exclusive geographic feature – volcanic rocks, and the rocks here are mainly vertical and hexagonal ones.

A fort is present in the Daria-Bahadurgad Island, and this can be reached through a boat ride from the beach. This fort was built by Basavappa Nayaka of Bidanur. There are many famous temples that you can spot around the region too, mainly the Balrama and Ananteshwara temples.

A fascinating harbour is also located close to the beach where ships are built. You can take up many water sports at the beach and these include fishing, angling, swimming and sailing.

Getting to Malpe Beach and More

The beach in Malpe can be visited during the months that fall between October and December. The region is well connected by train, air routes and roads. The closest airport lies in the city of Mangalore and the closest railway station lies in the town of Udupi. The roads are well connected to Malpe through Udupi, Mangalore and Bangalore.

There are many hotels that provide accommodation in Malpe and the tariffs will be available as per your needs as there are both budget hotels and star hotels in the place. The languages spoken in this area are mainly Tulu, Kannada and Konkani and the cuisine mainly features seafood items, but there are a whole lot of multi-cuisine restaurants that cater to a local and international crowd.

Head to the Maple beach and watch its exemplary islands and waters, and provide a complete break to your mind and !

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