Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013

karnataka assembly election 2013

If 2008 saw positive vote and dawn of BJP in South India, the 2013 elections will be known for negative vote and return of Congress to power in Karnataka.

Congress is confident but unsure of numbers due to wrong selection of candidates, infighting among leaders and absence of grassroots workers.

The BJP is fighting to survive with decent numbers as the outcome in Karnataka will have bearing on subsequent elections in various states and the General elections. The BJP has solid organisation but stumbled along under BS Yeddyurappa.

The Yeddyurappa factor continues to haunt the party as the former chief minister is out in the poll battle to cut the BJP to a size. The KJP will split BJP votes and may not cross double figure in the finally tally.

Even though some poll surveys have named JD(S) leader HD Kumarswamy as a choice for the chief ministership, his party will remain in 30-seat bracket and may like to play role in government formation.

The Karnataka State Assembly with 224 seats requires 113 to form the government.

When Is Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013?

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 will be held on May 5 [Sunday] and the results will be announced on May 8, 2013.

Landscape of Political Parties Participating

Party# of Candidates
BSR Congress150

113 of 224 seats are required to form the government in Karnataka.

Other Stats

  • 250,000 polling officers on duty
  • 65,000 electronic voting machines to be used
  • Total number of voters: 4.35 crore (43.5 million)
  • Demography of voters: 2.22 crore male, 2.13 crore female (51:49)

Political Parties On Social Media And Internet

NGOs Working For Karnataka Assembly Elections

Every election many NGOs work very hard to increase the voter turnout and educating the voters about the candidates. SmartVote has been doing this for years in Bangalore.

In 2013 a group of successful entrepreneurs, bureaucrats formed BPAC [read BPAC news]. BPAC is active on Twitter. As promised BPAC endorsed 14 candidates in Bangalore for the upcoming elections. The candidates are from various political parties. The detailed list of candidates can be seen on Oneindia.

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