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Bhoganandishwara temple entrance, Nandi Hills

Bhoganandishwara temple entrance, Nandi Hills

Aigandapura or Aivarakandapura

Aigandapura is 30 Kms from Bangalore on Tumkur road. There are smaller shrines within Dharmeshwara temple dedicated to Nakuleshwara, Sahadeshwara, Arjuneshwara and Kuntigudi...more…

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is about 22 km from Bangalore in Karnataka. This zoological garden is spread over area of about 25000 acres. It consists of dense forest and scrub land becoming home for wild animals like bison, leopard, wild boar as well as being an important corridor for elephants migrating between the eastern and western ghats...more…


Bheemeshwari is a small town that lies between the Shivanasamudra falls and Mekedatu falls, on the Cauvery river in Mandya district of Karnataka.

It is a great spot for eco-tourism and is a natural habitat for the mahseer fish found in the waters of the Cavery. Mahseer is considered as one of the finest game fish in the world...more…

Channarayana Durga: Kaidala, situated a mere 9 km from Tumkur town off Gulur village on the Kunigal road, hosts two exquisite temples sculpted by Jakanachari. It is famous for a small Dravidian style Kaidala Chennakeshava Temple buit in 1150. Jakanachari, the master sculptor was born and brought up at Kaidala...more…

Chennakeshava Temple: Kaidala, situated a mere 9 km from Tumkur town off Gulur village on the Kunigal road, hosts two exquisite temples sculpted by Jakanachari. It is famous for a small Dravidian style Kaidala Chennakeshava Temple buit in 1150. Jakanachari, the master sculptor was born and brought up at Kaidala...more…

Devarayana Durga

Devarayan Durga is a rocky hill station situated in the midst of picturesque scenery at an altitude of 3940 feet, about nine miles east of Tumkur town of Karnataka State of India. It is 65 km from Bangalore, India, by road on Tumkur road There are 3 elevations and seven gates leading to the top...more…

Wildlife around Bangalore

Living in Bangalore, not many of us are aware of the natural resources present in the vicinity of our city. One such location is the Jayamangali (formerly Maidenahalli) Blackbuck Conservation Reserve is Tumkur District. This reserve is only notified protected area is the part of the Deccan Plateau...more…

Namada Chilume

En route to Devarayana durga is a place located called Namanda Chilume( the Spring of Tilaka/Nama) at the base of the hill road leading to Tumkur. Tilaka or Nama or Pundraka is a ritual mark on the forehead, of sandalwood paste, coloured earth or vermilion. Based on the Puranas it is believed that Sri Rama during Vanavas(exhile to forest) on his way to Lanka halted here...more…


This is a hill which looks like the shape of the Shiva Linga from one of its sides. There are spring water spots found on this hill, it is believed that the water is “Gange” sacred river for Hindus. Hence the name “Shivagange”. Just about 60kms from Bangalore, near Dobbspet, Tumkur district this hill is ideal location for a one day trek. Also it is a holy place which is known as “Dakshina Kashi”..more…

MM Hills

Malai Mahadeshwara Betta or MM Hills is the famous for the temple of Lord Sri Mahadeshwara, incarnate of Lord Shiva. This temple is situated at an attitude of 3000 feet in the Kollegala taluk, Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka State. There are about 77 hills around the Eastern Ghats near MM Hills...more…

Nandi Hills

The beautiful Nandi Hills, popularly known as Nandi Betta or Nandi Durga for the locals and the people of Karnataka. This hillock is situated about 60 km from Bangalore City, about 24 kms from Chickballapur town. Nandi is the bull in Sanskrit, Kannada and Telugu. He is the sacred abode or Vahana to Lord Shiva. Nandi Hills gets its name from the famous Nandi temple situated atop this hill...more…

Around Bangalore

Several places of tourist interest are located within easy each from Bangalore. Distance shown in brackets is from Bangalore.

Tipu’s Palace
Built in 1791, this beautiful two-storeyed ornate wooden structure with exquisitely carved pillars, arches and balconies was one of Tipu’s favourite summer retreats.

25 Kms away, Hesaragatta is an interesting picnic spot offering water sports to the adventurous. Boating and wind-surfing is the major attraction. It also has a dairy & horticulture farm where you can picnic.

Ramohalli, located 28 Kms west is a popular picnic spot. A major attraction at Ramohalli is the 400 year old giant Banyan tree which sprawls over an incredible 3 acres. The Banyan tree next to Ramohalli, off Mysore road just of Kengeri is the fourth largest in the country. A word of caution the entire area is full of monkeys so be careful with food stuff they will get snatched.

Also known as the Pearl Valley, Muthyalamaduvu is 40 Kms away. The beautiful cascading water falls surrounded by verdant settings provide an ideal picnic getaway.

Ramadevarabetta, a hill 5 Kms from town is better known as “Sholay Gudda”. Rock-climbers and adventure seekers need look no further. 49 Kms south-west from Bangalore, Ramanagaram, provides the ideal location with landscaped rock faces. Another major attraction at Ramanagaram is the silk cocoon marketing centre. One of the most famous Hindi movies Sholay was shot in Ramanagaram about 30 years ago.

The hill also has a Rama shrine and a temple tank. Climbing up can be quite strenuous but it worth for its spectacular view.

Revanasiddeshwara Betta

Revanasiddeshwara Betta is one of the well known Shiva temples in India. It is situated above 3066 feet above sea level and very near Ramanagara town. It is a very popular place for rock climbing and trekking. The Rama temple is beside a small pond on the top. The place is rich in history right from the Gangas to Kempegowda and Tipu Sultan. The view from the top of the Hill is really amazing..more..

Janapada Loka

Janapada Loka was set by late bureaucrat and folklorist HL Nage Gowda. Sprawling across 15 acres, Janapada Loka or “Folk-culture World” is a world of simplicity and art.Janapada Loka, a subsidiary of the Karnataka Janapada Parishath, is dedicated to preserve and promote folk art and culture.The exhibits include a variety of agricultural, hunting and fishing implements, weapons, house hold gadgets, masks, dolls and shadow puppets.

The displays a kept in three buildings namely Lokamahal, Lokamatha Mandira and Chitrakuteera. Lokamahal is the most interesting of the three it houses folk puppets, utensils, instruments, weapons and masks. Chitrakuteera has photographs covering different aspects of folk life. The complex has an art gallery, an open-air theatre, a studio and a museum.

A college and research centre dedicated to folk life is also there in the same premises.

Janapada Loka is located near Ramanagaram and is 53 Kms away from Bangalore.

Ph 080-2720-1143
It is closed on Tuesdays


Channapatna is famous for its wooden toys and silk. These two industries form the backbone of this towns economy. Spinning tops, dolls and figures of mythological characters are made from the soft, cream coloured wood of hale tree and given a lacquered finish.

Some products such as napkin holders are popular across the globe, especially in Europe and elsewhere in Asia. A visit to the Lacquer-ware Craft Complex set up by KSHDC at Kala Nagar,  provides an overview of how these crafts are made.

It is located 60 kms south-west from Bangalore.


Is a place where river Cauvery and Arkavathi meet, because this is the place of confluence of two rivers it is called Sangam. Legend has it that the channel was so narrow that sheep would jump across, and hence the name Mekedatu (Meke = sheep/goat, datu = cross in Kannada).

It is located at a distance of 93 Kms from Bangalore. The first 89Kms till Sangam can be undertaken in a vehicle, but for the last 4Kms we need to cross a river and either take a different transport bus or go walking.

Gushing waters, imposing landscapes, and untouched picnic spots is what Mekedatu is all about. The Cauvery river squeezing through a narrow gorge before traversing its south-bound terrain is a breathtaking sight .

  • Mekedatu is 4 Km away from Sangam; which in turn is about 89 Km from Bangalore.
  • You can either walk or take a bus, the bus would cost you Rs 20 per head.
  • Food items mainly fish items are available on the road side.
  • There is a restaurant at Sungam called ‘Tender Coconut’ where you can have your lunch.
  • Nothing much to see except water and beautiful rock formations at Sangam, and the gorge at Mekedatu.
  • Take lots of water!!!
  • Crocodiles exits in the water at one particular portion, so be careful and do not venture out to remote places.

Nandi Hills

One of the popular retreats of Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, Nandi Hills offers breathtaking getaway of the weary tourist. Tipu’s Drop, a 600m high cliff face provides a magnificent panoramic view of the beautiful terrain. Nandi Hills is 60 Kms north of Bangalore.

Other attractions are Tipu’s Drop, Yoga Nandishvara Temple, a beautiful Chola temple, Dravidian-style Bhoganandishvara temple and Muddenahalli, hometown of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, architect of modern Karnataka at the base of the hill.

In March 2005 the Toursim department decided to make Nandi Hills a popular destination by introducing a 5-star hotel, ropeway and para-sailing facility.

Places Near Bangalore