Cubbon Park

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One of the biggest parks of Bangalore city. It is major landmark in Bangalore contributing to various Historical Monuments and Government Buildings, Cultural, Scientific Institutions other than just being a park.

History: Cubbon Park was laid out  and planned by Richard Sankey, the erstwhile Chief Engineer of Mysore in 1864 and established in the year 1870 by Sri John Meade, the then acting Commissioner of Mysore. At that time Meade’s Park was its name as a tribute to Sir John Meade and subsequently called the Cubbon Park. Later the park was official named as “Sri. Chamarajendra Park” in wake of the Silver Jubilee celebration of Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar’s rule in Mysore state.   Presently the Department of Horticulture controls the maintenance and administration of the park. The Deputy Director of the Horticulture department heads it.

Flora at the Cubbon Park : Cubbon Park occupies over 300 acres with flowering plants, towering trees, shaded groves and vast expanse of green. Though this park is in the heart of the city it contributes to the vast expanse of greenery, protecting environment for Bangaloreans, a great lung space for morning joggers. So also for naturalists who study plants in the serene natural environment. It also has motarable roads, and well laid out walking paths running through the park. Lush green landscapes contribute to the rich plant wealth. Many exotic botanical species and genera grow here. They are over 6000plants and trees in the premises attributing to 68 genera and 96 species. The onus of maintenance and development the park is on the Horticulture department which they have done it with pride and dedication. In addition, many ornamental and flowering trees both exotic and indigenous are found in the park.

Grevillea robusta (silver oak), having the distinction of being the first oaks introduced to Bangalore from Australia are still found in Cubbon Park adjacent to the tennis pavillion.

Queen Victoria Statue at Cubbon Park

King Edward Statue at Cubbon Park


The Queen Victoria statue installed (1906 near the Mahatma Gandhi Circle, the King Edward VII statue installed (1919) at the North-Western point of the Queen’s park; the Polyalthia avenue along the road from Queen’s statue to King Edward statue and the chestnut tree avenue from the Chamarajendra statue to Siddalingaiah circle lend a subtle grandeur to the park

The statue of Major General Sir Mark Cubbon near the terrace garden; Rajya Dhurandhara Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer statue installed (1913) in front of the Central Library and the statue of Sri. Chamarajendra Wodeyar (1927) installed in the central portion of the park near the tennis pavillion with a fairly fountain in the front, are magnificent structures found in the park. Owing to the different features and structures in the park, the Cubbon Park is a well-known tourist attraction.

Band Stand at  Cubbon Park : In the good old times of the city, the band stand at the Cubbon Park used to bring about many cherished memories. This octagonal structure built in cast iron was graced by music concerts and artists renowned all over the country and abroad. Many musicians who have performed there rose to stardom. Over the years, the music notes faded away into time. Now an NGO Prakruti has been trying to revive this lost splendour.Prasad M.S., convener of Prakruti, musicians have shown interest in performing at the bandstand. “The bandstand is booked for the next eight weeks wherein artistes, including Nandita, Pallavi, Supriya Acharya, C. Ashwath, Puttur Narasimha Nayak and Shankar Shanbhag, have agreed to give concerts.”  may be viewed by public and visitors too.

Major Landmarks at the Park’s vicinity

Sir Vishweshwariah Industrial and Technological Museum : It was established in the year 1965 under the aegis of the CSIR, it has 6 galleries. It is located on Kasturba Road.This museum a tribute to Sir Vishweshwariah, the visionary who brought science and technology to the common man in Karnataka. The first one is the engine hall which displays changes in engines over a period of time. It also displays the replica of the Wright Brother’s first aircraft.The next one is the Fun Science as the name suggests, it helps children learn science with fun. It provides live experiments like formation of a tornado, Bernoulli’s Principle, Water Motion, Floating Ball, Music in Air, Particle Accelerator, Liquid Storm, Rotary Wing etc.Biotechnology gallery here they have Astronomy, Space , Planets, Telescope, Satellites etc the visitors here can get the knowledge about all these things.

Electronic gallery lists the changes in Information Technology from transistors to silicon chips. It also explains the basics of electronics, wireless technology, milestones in electronics, digital electronics, nano electronics and virtual reality.

The other galleries include Children Science where children are allowed to learn science on their own with live experiments. There is also a Dinosaur Park and Electra Technik. They also have a 3D theater housed inside.

  • Phone: 2286-4563
  • Entry Fee: Rs.15
  • Open hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Karnataka High Court : The Karnataka High Court locally known as Attara Kacheri is located opposite to the Vidhana Soudha. Attara Kacheri literally means “eighteen offices” or departments. This building established in 1884, earlier housed the general revenue and secretariat of the State government was also known as the Mysore High Court until 1973 when the name of the state was changed .The Attara Kacheri is a stone structure in an intense red color.It was built in 19 century in Gothic Style of architecture with Corinthian columns. Located in the Cubbon Park, the building cost Rs. 4.5 lakh and completed in 1864. Rao Bahadur Arcot Narayanaswamy Mudaliar was the man who supervised the construction. On the ceiling of its Central Hall is a Portrait of Sir Mark Cubbon, Commissioner of Mysore from 1834 to 1861.

  • Location: On Kasturba Road, Bangalore – 560 001.

The State Archeological Museum (also called Government Museum) : is close to the High Court with the same red colour and architectural style. The originaly built by Colonel Sankey in 1876, over the years several wings have been added. B. L. Rice of the Mysore Gazetteer is the mastermind behind the collection in this musuem.It is one of the oldest museums in the country, it has an exquisite collection of coins, sculptures, old paintings, inscriptions and excavated items.  The Java fig avenue along the road leading to the Government Museum add to the grandeur of the Museum.

  • Timings: 10 am to 5:30 pm
  • Location: On Kasturba Road, Bangalore – 560 001.
  • Phone: 2286 4563

Venkatappa Art Gallery : This  gallery host more than 600 paintings, which are on display throughout the year. There are  two halls, one showcasing  stone sculptures from the Mathura and Khajarao schools of art. The other,dedicated to pottery and clay articles belonging to the Indus Valley civilisations. There are showpieces from 20th century landscapes and contemporary art. On the ground floor, the paintings of K. Venkatappa,( born in 1887 ) are on display.His works picturing the landscapes of the Nilgiris and Kodaikanal, a painting on Monsoon and various other sketches are feast to the art-lovers. On the first floor, the works of M. F. Hussain, Vasudev, Hanumaiah, Hariram, Rekha Rao, Yusuf Arakkal and N. S. Bendre along with various other artists are on display.C. P. Rajaram’s exquisite wood carvings are also seen here. The second floor is the “Hebbar Section”, solely dedicated to K.K Hebbar.

  • Timings: daily except Mon 10 am – 5 pm
  • Admission: Rs 10
  • Kasturba Road, Bangalore – 560 001 Ph: 22864483

Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall : It is presently the City Central Library building with an artistic structure worth seeing. Beatiful rosary located infront of the Library attracts many visitors. This onlooks many beautiful lawns that are found in the Cubbon park.The Ringwood circle, lotus pond and bamboo grove nook are worth seeing. The avenue of Araucarias along with Canna beds on either sides of the road from the Library to Hudson circle is a beautiful view. The avenue of Swietenias in the Northern side of the park.

  • Timings: daily except Mon 8 am – 7 pm
  • Kasturba Road, Bangalore – 560 001.

Aquarium : The Govt. Aquarium is in is an octagonal shaped building. This is one of the largest Aquariums in India, showcasing a variety of indigenous and exotic, cultivable as well as ornamental pet fish.The Hocks stick, the Pearl Coushmi, the India Tiger Borb, the Moon Tail, as well as edible fish are a feast to the visitors. The Aquarium provides food for thought, but if you want to taste the fish, there is a fish stall here.

  • Timings 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m (Closed on Thursdays)
  • Admission by Tickets.
Jawahar Bal Bhawan : This is Amusement park at the Cubbon Park maintained by the Government.  No child in should missed out on the Puttani Express ride (Toy train ride especially children) when visiting Cubbon park. This Amusemetn park host many game themes and one can find life sizes animals on the park premises.
Bal Bhavan was Inaugrated in the year 1967 and spreads over 11.35 acres of land.Now it is restritricted only to families, the reason more than 3,000 thousand visitors visit this place.
Here at Sri Jayachamedra Hall conducts many shows for children. The Jawahar Bal Bhawan conducts many short and long term recreational and educational programs for children between the age 5 to 16 years.

  • Landmark: Near Cricket Stadium, Jewels De Paragon
  • Phone: 080-22864189
  • Timings 10:30 am to 6 pm (Closed on Thursdays)
Government Museum was established in the year 1965 on Museum Road. It was later shifted to Kasturba Road in the year 1977. It is the oldest museum in the country and has a rich collection of archaeological objects, stone sculptures, bronze stuff, traditional paintings, arms and Armour, wooden carvings, musical instruments, coins and many more.
Other Facilities : The Indira Priyadarshini Children’s Library, YMCA, Yuvanika- the State Youth Centre, Century Club, Press Club, Tennis Pavillion and a number of other offices are located in the park, few of them offering amusement and sports facilities.

Other Gardens : The gardens of Vidhana Soudha, Vikas Soudha and Raj Bhavan, are integral parts of the development, conservation and maintenance of Cubbon Park. The Vidhana Soudha garden is beautifully landscaped on symmetric lines, complimenting the magnificent architecture of  Vidhana Soudha. The Raj Bhavan garden is well laid out and adds a colourful and spectacular ambience to Raj Bhavan.

The Dancing Musical Fountain

Commissioned in the LRDE premises on the Raj Bhavan road; the only one of its kind in India with a visual facility. It uses a unique binary control concept to obtain three distinct levels for each of its form. It provides high versatility in programming as well as in playback to various India and Western musical themes.Timings of the show : Two shows are organized everyday from 7.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. each lasting for half an hour. It is closed on every Monday and Second Tuesday of the month.

How to reach Cubbon Park :
Cubbon Park is accessible from M.G. Road, Kasturba road, Hudson Circle, and Ambedkar Veedhi.

Timings :
Cubbon Park is a public park with many Government organizations, associations and clubs in its locale. The park is open all the time. It has been declared a silent zone between 5.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.