Lalbagh Flower Show

Every year on Independence Day and Republic day, flower shows are organized at the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden. The event is jointly organised by Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society., this flower show has been one of the most awaited events in the Garden City.

Check out the awesome flag for independence day from Oneindia!

The number of participants for Ikebana, Indian floral art, Bonsai and vegetable carving competitions has risen to 439 for Independence Day 2013 show. About 786 participants have enrolled for the garden competition.

A vertical garden bedecked with more than 5,000 plants will be on display at the lawn area of Lalbagh. The other major attractions include a 13-foot floral boat, floral pots, demonstration of roof garden concept and Bonsai plants. The vertical garden will measure 40 feet in length and 17 feet in height.

Flowers are the most important part of puja/worship depicts the traditional “Kalasha” and an Ugra Narasimha Statue. Our horticulturists from the Lalbagh HOPCOMS have made a Rainbow using the vibrant colours. Hundreds of orchids, zinnia, nastardium, crysantamums, daisies, marigold, cacti, fuchsia, jasmine, geranium single roses, dahlias, etc species of flowers are to be viewed.

Fascinating Fabrication of Flowers

The visitors are treated with some of the most exquisite floral arrangements to say the least. A 13-feet-long floral boat full of roses is yet another attraction. For all the nine days, this will use up 2 lakh roses.

A Peek into the Flower Fiesta

lalbagh  flower show independence day 2013

This nine day floral extravaganza at Lal Bagh that started on August 7th will go on till August 15th, 2013.  All the flowers and plants displayed at the Flower Show are detailed with definite information.

The cool and sublime weather condition of Bangalore adds to the splendor of the Flower Show in more ways than one way. Undoubtedly, a must visit place for the whole family.

Lalbagh Flower Show Quick Facts

  • Flower show is open from August 7 to August 15, 2013.
  • Every year the parking spot is changing in view of security. Pedestrians can enter the flower show from any of the 4 gates.
  • The entry fee is priced at Rs. 50 on Aug 9-11, 15 for adults and Rs. 10 for children. On all other days the entry fee is Rs 40 for adults.
  • Free entry for children on Aug 13 and Aug 15 between 8 am and 5 pm
  • Entry of private vehicles has been banned into Lal Bagh by The Horticulture Department.
  • School buses are allowed into the garden through the Double Road gate.
  • There are cloak rooms at each entrance of the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden.
  • 25 CCTVs have been installed at the entry points as well as at the deserted places and forested areas for strict monitoring.
  • Timings: 9 am to 6 pm

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