Kundadri – A Trek to the Jain Temple

Kundadri Hills trek, Agumbe

On the way from Theerthahalli to Agumbe, in the Theerthahalli Taluq, is the hill station of Kundadri, which is turning into a nice trekking trail for adventure tourists. An Overview of Kundadri In the Theerthahalli Taluq of Shimoga district is the beautiful and popular Kundadri Hill, a monolithic rock formation with a Jain Temple at […]

Experience White Water Rafting In Sitanadi

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Karnataka, you should definitely consider white water rafting at Sitanadi near Agumbe. Sitanadi means ‘Sita River’. The river runs a course of more than sixty kilometers before joining the Arabian Sea. It swells during the monsoons, and that’s actually the time when you should go rafting; otherwise, […]

Trekking in Shimoga (Agumbe) – Walking Among the Wild

Agumbe is a renowned hill station in Shimoga with its splendid sunsets and dazzling water streams. It is an ideal destination for holidays or trekking likewise. Agumbe is an approximate 380 Km from Bangalore and 130 Km from Mangalore. It is the gateway to an ecologically sensitive, evergreen forest range on the Western Ghats supporting […]


Onake Abbi Falls, Agumbe

Trekking in Agumbe can be a pleasant prospect for the place abounds in natural beauty. The high hills and many waterfalls and streams flowing through the dense jungles add to the joy of hiking through the trekking trails in this little place that is a hidden paradise nestled in the Malnad region of Karnataka. Agumbe […]