The Beaches of Gokarna – A Trip to the West

Gokarna Beaches are the chief tourist attractions in the holy town of Gokarna. The name itself has been derived from Go (holy cow) and Karna (ears); hence, it has considerable mythological reverence as well.

Part of a largely Hindu domain, the tourists also pay homage to the famous Mahabaleswara temple, which is a renowned Shiva temple (a major Hindu deity), Maha Ganapathy temple, the Uma Maheshwari temples, and a host of other well-know temples for which this tourist spot is also famous.

Beaches of Gokarna

Gokarna is remotely populated with its nearest connection being Goa to its north and the city of Bangalore is located roughly around 275 miles to its east.

For those looking at convenient air-travel, Dabolim in Goa is by far the nearest airport. From Dabolim, travel enthusiasts can either opt for train services or simply hire a cab to reach Gokarna in close to 4 hours.

Other nearby cities on international maps can be located in Madgaon  also in Goa and Mangalore. For all the first timers, this tourist spot offers warm and pleasant weather conditions with an average Celsius temperature of around 30 degrees.

The Main Attractions at Gokarna

By far, the popular highlights in Gokarna are its sprawling beaches, which have a vast sea line stretch to offer its visitors. It is a perfect choice for anyone looking to break out of the hectic nature urban livelihood.

Calm and serene with the most natural setting amidst waters, sunlight and mother earth, it is one address that puts India on the radar of picturesque international beaches. The many famous sites of visit along with the famous beaches one can explore are listed below:

  • The famous chariots at the Maha Ganapathy temple, which are renowned for their huge dimension and structural wonder.
  • The much revered Maha Lingam of Lord Shiva (a major Hindu deity with immense mythological and religious significance). This place also celebrates the event of Shivratri with a collective participation from the town.
  • The famous trio of beaches that have brought widespread fame and international recognition to this interior city. The Kuddle beach, the Half-moon beach, and lastly, the Paradise beach are all magnificent sites.
  • Encompassing small hills and islands between them, they remain a must see for all ardent visitors who want to revel in untamed laps of nature.

The other great aspect here is that these are still yet to catch the attention of those who frequent beaches. The tourist influx in Gokarna is still in its virgin stages, so the place has retained its old world charm.

Facilities On Offer for Urban Visitors

Although any visitors can have a field day in the natural habitat this surrounding has to offer, there are also a host of hotels and resorts for those who cannot do without. For those who seek more of adventure, small huts are available in the beach vicinity itself. In case the beaches are not vacant, a little hammock is a fine temporary alternative to make your experience a complete one.

Local food is available in plenty and is easy on the pockets as is the culture of meditation and yoga from instructors. Other than the beach life, you can opt for local shopping or enjoy with your friends in a few bonfires, or sip the odd beer amidst cold waves.

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