Harihareshwara Temple, Harihar

District: Davanagere
Town: Harihar
Temple: Harihareshwara Temple

The Harihareshwara Temple is located in the Davanagere district near the town of Harihar.

Harihareshwara Temple – Overview

This wonderful temple is the abode of Lord Vishnu. The temple is also known as God’s Own House. The hills of Harihareshwar, Pushpadri, Harishinachal and Bramhadri surround this place. Harihareshwar also boasts of clean and pristine sandy beaches. The place is also gaining importance as a popular tourist destination. The main deity Harihara is a union of Gods Vishnu and Shiva. The attributes of Shiva are visible in the right hand and Vishnu in the left hand.

Harihareshwara Temple – History and Mythology

The Harihareshwara temple has an interesting history. It is said that the demon Guha appeased the creator of the universe and got a “vardan” or boon. As per this boon, neither Shiva (Hara) nor Vishnu (Hari) could destroy him single handedly. Guha started torturing the gods in Indralok as well as human beings in the prithvilok and it became difficult for everyone to withstand his devastation. As both Shiva and Hari could not destroy him on their own, they had to unite and take the form of Harihara to destroy Guha. It is said that this incarnation took place close to Kudalore where the rivers Haridra and Tungabhadra meet.

Harihareshwara temple – Architecture

The architecture in the Harihareshwara temple resembles that normally used by the Hoysala dynasty. The mantapa or hall as it is called is square in shape. The pillars and the ceiling have exclusive architecture and decoration like lotuses. The Hoysalas used soapstone for building the temple. There is a lot of repair work which is being carried out here and the Vimana is being replaced with mortar and brick ceilings. The temple houses contemporary Kannada inscriptions and you will find them quite interesting.

The carvings on the pillars of the temple are quite intricate and lovers of history will admire each and every detail of the temple. Great care has to be taken to depict the stories and teachings.

Harihareshwara Temple – Facts

  • The Harihareshwara temple is rightly described as the Kashi of South India. The ‘Harihar’ or “Pushpadri’ hill is situated on the seashore.
  • The temple was constructed during the era of Shivaji Maharaja.
  • The sculptures and carvings clearly reflect the era of Bajirao Peshawa who ruled in the year 1723.

Other places of interest close to Harihareshwar:

  • Tourists will love visiting the Harihar hill that is located on the seashore.
  • The Kalbhairav temple is yet another ancient temple close to the Harihareshwara temple.
  • Bagmandal was home to the Peshawas and is a popular tourist spot.
  • The Bankot Fort is an ancient fort and one can get to see the interesting events here.
  • Shrivardhan is a beautiful pristine beach close to Harihareshwar. Tourists will love the soothing and peaceful atmosphere here.

How to get to Harihareshwara Temple

There are three modes of getting to Harihareshwara – by road, rail and air. The months from January to April are ideal for visiting the place.

  • Mumbai airport is the closest to Harihareshwara. If you intend coming down by rail, then you need to get down at Mangaon railway station. Harihareshwar is about two hundred and fifteen kilometers from Mangaon.
  • The trains that ply on the Konkan route halt here. By road, one has to take the Mumbai Goa highway. It is equidistant from Pune and Mumbai.
  • On reaching Shrivardhan, you can go in for local transport which is available in the form of six seater jeeps, rickshaws. There are local taxis available which are slightly expensive. Private buses also ply on this route.

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