Udupi, the Kokani city is the headquarters of the Udupi District, Karnataka State, India. When one hears the name “Udupi” either “Udupi Krishna” or “Udupi Masala Dosa” comes to the mind. Of course the famous, Krishna temple is located in this city. Click here to know everything about Udupi.

St Mary’s Islands – Where Vasco Set Foot

St Mary’s Islands off the coast of Karnataka are four islands of immense geological value. The hexagonal columns of rock on the islands are similar to those on the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland and give clues to historic formation of land masses on the Earth’s surface. Getting to St. Mary’s Islands These islands are 6 […]

The Sights and Sounds at Malpe Beach

Beaches are popular for a reason as they provide ample recreational opportunities for kids and adults alike. While kids frequent beaches due to their love for the waves and the never ending stretches of sand, adults visit beaches as they provide an escape from the rigorous routine of daily life. The Malpe Beach is one […]

Turtle Bay Beach Resorts

Resort Overview Established in the year 1990, the Karnataka-Trasi based Turtle Bay Resort is an eco-beach resort. Surrounded by the river Sowparnika on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, the resort is set in an extremely scenic location. Be it silent walks along the coast, swimming, relaxing on the sensuous sand and […]

Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara Temple

District: Udupi Town: Yellur village Temple: Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara Temple Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara Temple, Yellur, Udupi, Karnataka The Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara Temple is located in Yellur Town, Udupi District in Karnataka. Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara Temple – Overview The Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located in the small village of […]

Udupi Sri Krishna Matha

District: Udupi Town: Udupi Temple: Udupi Sri Krishna Matha Udupi Sri Krishna Matha is a popular Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located in the town of Udupi, Karnataka. Udupi Sri Krishna Matha – Overview The Krishna Matha is known throughout the world for the famous Lord Krishna Temple. It is a center […]

Sree Venkataramana Temple

District: Udupi Town: Karkala Temple: Sree Venkataramana Temple, Karkala Sree Venkataramana Temple Sree Venkataramana Temple is in Karkala Town, Katkala Taluq, Udupi District, in Karnataka. Sree Venkataramana Temple – Overview Sree Karkala Venkataramana Temple is known as Padu Tirupati or western Tirupati. Dedicated to Lord Srinivasa, a form of Lord Vishnu, this temple is a […]

Ashta Mathas of Udupi

District: Udupi Town: Kollur Temple: Ashta Mathas of Udupi Ashta Mathas of Udupi The Ashta Mathas of Udupi are located in Udupi town, Udupi District Karnataka. Ashta Mathas of Udupi – Overview The Ashta Mathas or Monasteries of Udupi were established by Madhwacharya, the great Dvaita philosopher. These Mathas were established in eight villages around […]