Dams in Karnataka

Dams are mainly used for retention of water, water supply, prevention of floods, water diversion, navigation etc. They also collect or store water for even distribution to other places. They generate water for electricity and 19% of the world’s electricity is due to these dams. Imagine a life without electricity or water. Our very own Karnataka, which is popularly known as the electronic city is known to have several dams.

These dams in Karnataka are the reason why we get enough water supply and electricity. There are several rivers like Krishna, Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Vedavathi, Netravathi, Sharavathi etc. that have dams built across them. In 1970, the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited was established and it has undertaken several projects to build dams. They use hydroelectric, thermal and diesel modes to generate power.

The added advantage to this is that these dams have become popular tourist attractions for many.

There are different aquatic animal and fish species in Tungabhadra such as storks, greater flamingos, and spot billed pelicans etc. which makes Tungabhadra dam extraordinary.

Krishna Raja Sagara dam has an ornamental garden attached to it called Brindavan Gardens near Mysore, which is a popular tourist spot.

Alamati Dam which is across the Krishna River has an artificial forest with ceramic wild animals and birds and the right side of this dam is called ‘Rock Hill’.

Not just nearby villages and towns, but Bangalore city also gets ample water supply and electricity thanks to these dams. This way the Electronic City remains that way.

We also have lesser floods because of several dams around Karnataka such as Tungabhadra, Supa, Narayanapura, Krishna raja Sagara, Kadra, Kadasalli etc. are some of the popular dams in Karnataka.

Markonahalli Dam near Yediyur

  1. Aheri-Jumbagi Dam, Bijpaur
  2. Almati Dam, Bijapur
  3. Amarja Dam, Gulbarga
  4. Arkavathy Dam, Kanakapura, Ramanagara
  5. Basava Sagar Dam or Narayanpur Dam, Yadgir, Raichur
  6. Bennithora Dam, Chithapur, Gulbarga
  7. Bhadra Dam, Chikmagalur
  8. Bheemasamudra Dam, Chitradurga
  9. Chakra Dam, Shimoga
  10. Chandrampalli Dam, Gulbarga
  11. Chiklihole Dam, Nanjarayapattana near Madikeri
  12. Gajanur Dam, Shimoga
  13. Gandorinala Dam, Gulbarga
  14. Hemavathy Dam, Gorur, Hassan
  15. Kadavinakatta Dam, Bhatkal
  16. Kabini Dam, Mysore
  17. Kanakanala Dam, Killarhatti
  18. KRS Dam / Brindavan Gardens, Mysore
  19. Lakhya Dam, Kudremukh
  20. Malaprabha Dam, Belgaum
  21. Maralvadi Dam, Ramanagara
  22. Markonahalli Dam
  23. Nugu Dam, Heggadadevana Kote, Mysore
  24. Supa Dam, Dandeli
  25. Tunga Anicut Dam, Shimoga
  26. Tungabhadra Dam, Hospet
  27. Votehole Dam, Hassan
  28. Yagachi Dam, Belur

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