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Bangalore is a dream destination for food-lovers. If you are looking to satisfy your hunger pangs, Jayanagar is where you must head to. This place has a number of breakfast places with generous quantities, reasonable prices and a wide variety of offerings.

Sukh Sagar, Jayanagar

With a number of hotels coming up with multiple cuisines offered, Sukh Sagar continues to be one of those hotels that provide wholesome and tasty South Indian dishes mainly. You can find a Sukh Sagar in almost any part of the city. This one in Jayanagar is one of the oldest. With reasonably good ambience and high quality standards maintained, as is done in all branches, you can expect tasty dishes right from the plain idlis to spic chaats and North Indian dishes such as kulchas and paneer items.


  • Must try items– South Indian dishes such as rice bhath and chaat items
  • Timings – 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Food types – South Indian, North Indian
  • Price- Rs.300/ for two people (approx)
  • Payment Method – Cash and credit cards
  • Meal type – Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Address– 400, 4th Block, 30th Cross, 8th Main, 8th B Main Rd, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560011
  • Phone-+91 80 2663 4132

Ganesh Darshan, Jayanagar

For those of you who do not mind eating wholesome, tasty food at a place where you have to self-serve, Ganesh Darshan is a popular joint that you must try. You get flavorful idles, strong coffee and last, but definitely not the least, their dosas. This is popularly known as the “Dosa Camp”. Yes, their dosas are so delicious that people have to “camp” outside the restaurant to taste them. So be an early bird and try their dosas! A meal for two would cost you


  • Must try items– Dosa, idly and coffee
  • Timings- 7:00 AM – 10:30 PM
  • Food types – South Indian
  • Price –Rs 150/ for two people (approx.)
  • Payment Method – Cash
  • Meal type – Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Address- 224, 9th Main, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560011
  • Phone- +91 80 4150 5554

Pavitra Restaurant, Jayanagar

For those of you who love a casual bite, a visit to Pavithra should definitely be on your cards. Popular with the young students who study at the nearby colleges, this place is famous for its South Indian dishes especially, such as dosas, idlis, vegetable pulaos, etc.


  • Must try items– Dosa, idly
  • Timings- 7:00 AM – 11.00 PM
  • Food types –South Indian, chines
  • Price –Rs 250/ for two people (approx.)
  • Payment Method –Cash and credit cards
  • Meal type – Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Address- Near-4th Block Bus Stand, 30th Cross Rd, Jayanagar 4 Block, Jaya Nagar East, Jayanagar, Bangalore- 560011
  • Phone-+91 80 2663 0179

Upahara Darshini, Jayanagar

Again a very popular hot-spot for food lovers, Upahara Darshini, popularly known as UD amongst its lovers, is famous for its South Indian dishes, mainly. However, you also find Chinese items and street food such as chaat. For those who prefer to self-serve, you can grab a quick bite at the ground floor.

For those who prefer to comfortably enjoy the strong coffee, yummy coconut-filled chutney with their idlis, delicious vermicelli (shavige) bhaths and spicy chaat items, you can also benefit from the air-conditioned space provided on the first floor. A meal for two is priced at Rs. 400 in this restaurant.


  • Must try items- Idlis and coconut chutney, rice bhath,shavige bhath
  • Timings -7:30 AM to 10:30 PM
  • Food Type- Continental, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese
  • Price– Rs.300/ for two people (approx.)
  • Payment Methods-Credit cards and cash
  • Meal Type– Breakfast, lunch, thaali, dinner
  • Address- 9A Main Road, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560011
  • Phone- +91 80 4121 0637, +91 99009 00043

Maiya’s, Jayanagar

Maiya’s, interestingly, is the brain child of Dr. P Sadananda Maiya, the same person who was a driving force behind the popular restaurant- MTR. As with MTR, Maiya’s aims to provide delicious, authentic South Indian food items to its customers. The Maiya’s chain has been in existence since 2008, this restaurant has also expanded it’s a menu a bit to take into account the changing preferences of today’s youth.

They also include baked items and desserts. For those with a sweet tooth, this would be a perfect place to enjoy a nice plate of idlis and dosas and round it off with pineapple pastry. The baked goods and desserts are eggless and full of flavors that will erupt on your taste buds.


  • Must try items- Rava Idli, sandwiches, pastry items
  • Timings -7:30 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Food Type- Bakery, desserts, South Indian, North Indian
  • Price– Rs.250/ for two people (approx.)
  • Payment Methods-Credit cards and cash
  • Meal Type– Breakfast and snacks
  • Address-459/30, 32nd cross road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560011
  • Phone– +91 80 4206 8698

Golden Oak Restaurant- La Marvella, Jayanagar

Now this is a restaurant that can fulfill your visual and gastronomical appetite! A restaurant with a casual ambience but with a wide variety of offerings, you can enjoy a romantic dinner of a boisterous re-union of 10 schoolmates easily at this place. For those who love experimenting and tasting a little of everything, you can try the buffets available. There are several dishes you can choose from, right from the salads to the desserts. Alcohol is also served.


  • Must try items- Poori Bhaji, dosa, idly
  • Timings -7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Food Type- Chinese, Continental and North & South Indian (buffet)
  • Price– Rs.1000/ for two people (approx.)
  • Payment Methods-Credit cards and cash
  • Sunday Brunch-12:30 pm to 04:00 pm on Sundays
  • Meal Type– Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Address: 1, 14th Cross, South-End Circle, 2nd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore- 560011
  • Phone: +91 80 4333 5333

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