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Does all your food ordering confusion or as a matter of fact, sometimes even other life issues end with Biryani? If you said yes then here’s a place you should be- Bangalore Biryani Club. Founded less than a year ago, this is a Facebook group that brings together all the Biryani lovers of the city.

Biryani, probably the second most famous thing in India, after Sholay! This dish follows back its roots to the Mughal period which later expanded to all the corners of the country. And Bangalore Biryani Club follows the trail.

Here’s a Quick Peek in the History of Biryani

It was during the reign of the Mughals, 15th to 19th Century that the cuisine was introduced to India. As per Wikipedia, the modern biryani was developed in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire. There are many theories supporting the advent of biryani in India and its origin.

Some believe it to have originated in Persia and brought by the Mughals to India whereas there are some theories that believe biryani was already an Indian dish even before the first Mughal Emperor, Babur came.

Also, another interesting theory suggests that dish was originated in South India, developed from pilaf, bought by Arabs. Pulao or pilaf is speculated to be an army dish in medieval India. It was developed as a one-pot dish where they cooked rice in the pot and adding any available meat.

So you can see that the history of biryani in India is as varied as the dish itself. And Bangalore Biryani Club was founded to take the story to the world.

Bangalore Biryani Club – The Beginning

By now we have more than 20 Biryani types. To celebrate the love for this extremely delectable dish, three friends thought of building a platform. And that’s how Renukesh Binger, Navneeth Thimmappa, and Vinay Nagaraju came up with the Bangalore Biriyani Club – a Facebook group.

The FB page of Bangalore Biryani Club helps its members to interact with each other in terms of the most mouth-watering rice dish ever, biryani, by sharing biryani pictures.  The club has also organized meetups for its members, called Biryani Talks. What started with a sweet idea of forming a group of biryani fans, Bengaluru Biryani Club is now all set to organize its 5th Biryani Talks episode.

The love for the dish as well as the love for meeting other Biryani fans had made this group grow enormously. And that can be seen from their strength of almost 10K members. The best part of this group is that it has brought about amazing varieties of Veg Briyanis too! Don’t believe me? Well, check out their FB page! So if you are one of those who can point out the differences among Thalassery, Hyderabadi, and Delhi Biryani, then you ought to join the Bengaluru Biryani Club! After all, Biryani is bae, honey!

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