University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

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The University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It has two campuses. One is situated at Hebbal and the other is located on the Bangalore-Hyderabad National Highway No. 7 with its headquarter at the Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra (GKVK campus). It is basically an agricultural University offering courses in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture and a number of allied agricultural branches.

The birth of the University dates back to 1899 in the form of an agricultural firm with area of 30 acres of land. Thereafter, an agricultural school was established in 1913 with an area extending upto 202 acres. The University was established by the then Mysore Government in 1963 through Act No. 22. Finally, it was in the year 1964 (August 21st) that the University was established as UAS Bangalore.

University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

What Does it Offer?

The University offers two degree programs: Undergraduate and Post-graduate degree programs in a wide variety of agricultural sciences. At present, the university offers 9 degree programs, 47 Masters degree programs and 34 Ph.D programs. The Bachelors degree is a 4-year degree program and Masters degree is a 2-year degree program. It also offers Bachelors degree programs in Agriculture, Sericulture, Horticulture, Forestry, Home sciences, Marketing and Dairy Technology.

In addition, there are various non-degree bakery courses offered by the Bakery Training Unit. Apart from this, various other institutes such as the Farmers Training Institutes and Krishi Vignana Kendras are also extensively involved in providing a wide range of training programs.

The University has well-equipped laboratories and research units to carry out researches in various fields of agricultural sciences. There is a common instrumentation room that can be used both by the professors and the students. The University has a library that is open 12 hours on working days and offers a wide variety of books, magazines, journals and periodicals.

The University has staff quarters to provide accommodation to thousands of its employees. Apart from this, the University has adequate water supply, electricity supply and dairy departments to cater to the needs of its employees. A special ‘UAS Campus School’ has also been set up for the children of the employees. The campus has separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls with well-equipped kitchen, television and indoor games facilities.

Research Activities

A wide range of research activities are carried out in six zonal stations and 15 agricultural research stations located in 15 different Southern states. At present the University has 289 research projects of which 32 are coordinated by ICAR and the remaining 257 are adhoc projects funded by various funding agencies. The University has released several varieties of hybrids of paddy, maize, sugarcane, ragi, sunflower, cashew and tomato.

Contact Address

University of Agricultural Science
Bangalore – 56065,
Karnataka, India
Tel :  +91 – 080 – 2333-0984
Email –  registrar@uasbangalore.edu.in 

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