10 Best Kannada Learning Apps You should Use

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Kannada learning Apps, yes you heard it right and there many of them that let you learn Kannada from the comfort of your home.

Kannada, the state language of Karnataka, is a commonly spoken language in many Southern states of India. Its origin dates back to thousands of years. Learning the language is not very difficult these days. There are a number of Apps that can be downloaded on your mobile phones and desktop to help you master the language or at least get acquainted with the basics in no time.

Kannada Learning Apps – A Comprehensive List

Some of the best Kannada learning Apps include:

  1. English Kannada Dictionary: There is nothing better than a mobile dictionary, especially when you need it all of a sudden. This App is useful for those looking at learning words, running references and doing quick spelling checks as well. Not only can you search for words, but find their synonyms, learn how to pronounce them and draft a study plan with a set of words or multiple choice questions as well.
  2. Learn Kannada-50 Languages: This App is more like a Kannada encyclopedia containing course material with 100 lessons providing basic Kannada vocabulary. With 30 free lessons available, you can now learn the language without previous experience and become fluent enough for day to day use. The Application is available in 50 languages, as the name suggests, and has about 2,500 language combinations. An added bonus is the audio files that can be downloaded on any MP3 player.
  3. Kannada Translator Dictionary: This free Kannada learning App helps you learn Kannada by translating words or phrases from English to Kannada and vice versa. The App serves as a dictionary and is equipped with voice input. The best part is that it helps you share the translations with people you want to. Learning Kannada especially from a tourist or traveller’s point of view becomes easy.
  4. Just Kannada Keyboard: While most of the Kannada learning Apps focus on learning the Kannada language through talking, this App helps in learning the language by writing. The age-old method of writing is the best one to gain proficiency in any language. Download this App to make it your keyboard and sync it with Google voice typing if need be. You could even set it as your system language once you have learned the basics.
  5. Learn Kannada Quickly: As the name suggests, this App helps in quick and easy grasping of Kannada language. It provides a fun experience by using quizzes, flashcards and enabling phrase recording. It contains 33 categories for the most frequently used words and phrases.
  6. English to Kannada Dictionary: This mobile App is like a pocket dictionary that follows you on the go. There are about 25,000 English words with their meanings in Kannada within the App. Simply key in the word you are looking for on the search bar and it takes you to the corresponding Kannada word. As a bonus, owing to bug fixes and upgrades, the App can now be added to the SD card as well.
  7. Learn Kannada: This Kannada learning App helps people in familiarising themselves with spoken Kannada. You can start by learning simple words and easy sentences that can be used daily and gradually progress to relatively complex ones. The Application contains 300 sentences and 800 words that can be easily searched for. Besides this, there are sample conversations, punctuation guides and common words listed under different categories.
  8. Kannada Baruthe: Think of the most basic way of learning a language. This Kannada Learning App does just that with Kannada. It contains sentences arranged categorically to search day to day phrases and sentences. Voice assistance is an added feature that helps in saving time and listening to the pronunciation as well. It aids in effective vocabulary, punctuation and effective language learning.
  9. Kannada Pride Kannada Editor: This App serves as a very useful tool for writing in Kannada. You can make notes and type easily through the English keyboard. It automatically translates it to Kannada. You can not only type in Kannada, but also copy and paste the sentences into other Applications, share your Kannada messages on other messenger Apps and save your data.
  10. Kelu: This Kannada learning App is available under the ‘Learn & Speak Indian Languages’ tab in the play store. Kelu helps in speaking many regional Indian languages. As far Kannada is concerned, it groups the words according to categories. It provides location-based support, translation, themed conversation structures and pronunciation.

As you can see, learning Kannada can be so much fun; so even if you don’t master the language, these Apps will surely help you uncover the basics and easily manage simple conversations with the locals.

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