Excelsior Bakery – Bangalore’s Answer to your Sweet Tooth

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Excelsior Bakery, the first bakery in India that produces typical British bakery products, has been around since 1930. It was set up by the dynamic duo of British-meet-Indian Mrs. Emery and an expert confectioner, Sagadev from Krishnagiri. The bakery has been selling cakes and bakery products ever since. It is situated in Shivajinagar and continues to attract locals and visitors alike.

Quick Facts about Excelsior Bakery Bangalore

  • Timing: 8 am to 10 pm
  • Address: 36,Quadrant Road,Shivaji nagar,Bangalore -560001 (MAP)
  • Website: excelsiorbakery.in
  • Phone Number: +91 80 2555 1899

Excelsior Bakery – A Day of Indulgence

This bakery in Bangalore offers everything that a cake enthusiast would need to brighten up their day. Name it and they have it. In the cake section, you will find rainbow cakes, Japanese cakes with cashew base, fresh cream cakes, and pastries.

Besides these, there are wedding cakes, photo cakes, and fruit cakes as well. A bakery is incomplete without cookies and biscuits. One can indulge in their variety of bakery biscuits ranging from kaju, salt and masala flavours to coconut, vanilla, and rusk. Snacks like puff, aloo bun, mushroom roll, samosa and stuffed paneer are perfect for those on the go.

Bakery Lore

Stories have it that somewhere around the 1940 s, a group of youngsters who wanted to gain entry into the army, around a recruiting spree of World War II, would visit the store to gain upper body strength. The owner would hand over fresh loaves of bread.

Another interesting tale is that of tokens and queues. Both Indians and Britishers used to queue up on Seppings Road just to buy bread early in the morning. The queue would begin at 6 A.M. after collecting tokens for bread. The first 100 people would get milk bread. There were about 20 people working in the bakery back then. They used to knead the dough on a 5-inches thick kitchen counter.

People used to walk in from the bus stop right in front of the bakery. Gradually, their Christmas cakes started gaining popularity along with the 70-kg cakes they used to make for St. Mary’s feast annually.

Excelsior Bakery -Then and Now

The difference between then and now is that the Excelsior Bakery currently has a commercial rotisserie oven as well as a dough kneading machine. Orange interiors brighten up the place with donuts, chicken rolls, pastries and burgers displayed on the shelves. With so many bakeries and confectionaries opened up, not many people tread to Shivajinagar just for cakes anymore. However, the bakery still retains its old world charm.

The Touch of Perfection

The Excelsior Bakery’s claim to fame has been their fresh bread prepared literally with just flour and milk, devoid of preservatives. They have been around since 1930 and their USP has always been – honest products at honest prices. They sell bread per piece or by the loaf and cakes per piece or kilogram. The focus lies on customer satisfaction based on the three fundamental aspects of design, quality, and hygiene.

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