The Magadi Bird Sanctuary – A Place for Bird Watchers

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Famous for the Bar Headed Goose, the Magadi Bird Sanctuay is a place that’s built on the Magadi Tank (known locally as Magade Kere), in the Shirahatti taluk of Gadag district, around 26 km from Gadag. Migratory birds from Central Asia have been frequenting this place for over 10 years now. The tank spans 134 acres of land and has a cachement area of 900 hectares.

The tributary of river Kaveri flows right pass the side of the tank, offering a pretty view of the birds as they nest on the trees on the banks of the rivers.

The Birds of Magadi

In the Magadi cachement area, spanning 900 hectares, upto 134 species of various birds have been spotted. The main bird sighted in this region is the Bar Headed Goose, and it feeds on agricultural produce, and not on fish or amphibians. Birds have been visiting this region for well over 10 years now.

There have the following species spotted here: Bar Headed Goose, Grey Heron, Purple Heron, Comb Duck, Oriental Ibis, White Breasted Water Hen, Greater Flamingo, Black winged stilt, cattle egret, Asian Open Bill Stork, Woolly necked stork, Painted stork, Eurasian Spoonbill, Ruddy Shed Duck or Brahmini Duck.

There have been upto 5,000 Bar Headed Geese spotted at one time, followed closely in number by Brahmini Duck, Black Ibis, Painted Stork, and the Spoonbill. The Magadi Bird Sanctuary is an ideal place for children to visit and the local villagers will be more than delighted to show them around. The exquisite birds make for interesting bird watching and people flock to Magadi from across the globe for this purpose.

However, the downside is that there is no watch tower and not many facilities for bird watching. Although this does ensure that the natural habitat is entirely undisturbed, for tourists who are not used to the wild ways of nature, things can be a bit daunting. There is also no real protection undertaken to protect the birds.

You will find on your visit here that the villagers are more than happy to help and will guide you along your quest for some unique birds. The villagers take care of the birds and they have learnt to live in harmony with them and even cherish them. This serene little village is a clean place to visit, and there is minimal pollution here since there are no industries and factories located close by.

Other Attractions in Magadi

There is a hydroelectric power station, it can be seen from the outside. There is also a man made lake and you can go birdwatching in a boat. There is a temple known as the Sri Someshwara Temple, which is sure to appeal to all pilgrims.

The villages around Magadi where you are sure to find accommodation are Gadag, Lakshmeshwar, and Shirhatti. The village is an ideal place to visit, to get away from the pollution and stress of daily life and to lose yourself in the cacophony of the various birds in the region.

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