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Chikmagalur coffee estate. Photo credit: Ashwin Kumar

History of Chikmagalur Coffee

The birth place of coffee in India is Chikmagalur.  The first seeds were sown about 350 years ago on the slopes of Baba Budan Giri Hills in Chikmagalur.  As history tells it is the Arab Connections that led to the mushrooming of the coffee industry in India. The story goes like this a pilgrim known as Baba Budan also known as Hazarat Shah Janab Allah Magatabi smuggled seven seed of coffee from Mecca while he was on a pilgrimage. The seer sowed these seeds in his garden near a cave in Chandragiri.

The Hills was called as Chandra Drona in the ancient age and now called as Baba Budan Giri after the seer. Mysore Maharaja Krishna Raja Wodeyar III gave away lands and established norms for growing coffee in India. Even Tipu Sultan gave inam and rent free lands to farmers to grow coffee.

Sanctuary, taking picnics to the picturesque Kemmanagundi and Bababudangiri hills or just trekking around the region.

Taste the local coffee of Chikmagalur

Panduranga coffee available in Taj Garden retreat grown locally by planters in their backyard the beans arrive ready and roasted straight to the hotels kitchen presenting coffee that is so strong in aroma and flavour. The regulars prefer it best with cow’s milk.

Arabica coffee available in Eagle Eye Holidays here the coffee is brewed to a light copper color with a spoonful of sugar at the bottom of the filter. Best to have it as bed coffee. Arabica is just what you need if you are camping on the misty mountains of the western Ghats. A caffeine kick you won’t forget.

Vanilla coffee available in Jungle Greens a home-stay where vanilla beans are dipped in the coffee decoction to accelerate its humdrum flavors. They also serve the traditional black coffee with black jaggery instead of sugar.

Blended coffee available in Woodway Estates here the coffee is traditionally brewed with a perfect mix of 90% arabica and 10% robusta. The beans are painstakingly roasted to exemplary perfection. Their specialty is cold coffee which is always served with a dash of cinnamon.

Mysore coffee
available in Riverwoods here the coffee is moderately strong and extremely aromatic, connoisseurs who prefer their coffee with heavy strains of mint and aromatic herbs must try. The main component in this blend is the uniqueness of Mysore coffee beans. It also has a fragrant aromatic topping and lends itself to easy mixing with other flavours.

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