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After Bangalore witnessed an IT boom air travel increased a lot to and from Bangalore. The old Airport near HAL wasn’t able to handle the traffic as it was the same airport for domestic and international flights. It was time for Bangalore to get a new international airport.me

Start Date: July 2, 2005
End Date: Jan 2, 2008 [27 months]

Trial Run: Jan 15, 2008 [to be held in 3 stages: Basic, Advanced and Integrated]

First Commercial Flight: May 24, 2008 (FINALLY!)

Change of Name: Kempe Gowda International Airport

Airport Features What Will Be Where
Area: 4500-acre plot in Devanahalli, 30 km Bangalore
Project cost: Rs 1,334 crore [$288 million] Rs 2,478 crore State share: Rs 350 crore
Exemptions: No sales tax Exemption
Passenger Capacity : 12 million per year
Additional Jobs Created: 1,000 jobs per million passengers
Cargo capacity
: 100,000 tonnes per year
First phase by : June 2007

1st Aadhar enabled airport by 2018

Domestic arrival : Ground floor
International arrival : Swing gate walk on second floor
Domestic and International departure : First floor
Baggage handling and claim : Ground floor

We have been waiting forever for an international airport and looks like by 2006 we will have one. The project got delayed several times, obviously, due to political problems.

The airport is expected to generate 2,5000 skilled and semi-skilled jobs.

In December the airport was renamed after the founding father of Bangalore – “Nadarprabhu Kempegowda International Airport (NKIA)”. The new terminal T1A which was inaugurated in December 2013 spans over 150,500 sq meters. The new terminal can accommodate an Airbus A380 aircraft.

Check-in CountersSelf Check-in CountersEmigration Counters (In & Out Bound each)International Security PedestalsDomestic Security PedestalsBaggage Reclaim Belts (Domestic / International)
86302416327 / 6

First Test Flight at Bangalore Airport

On March 7, 2008 the first test flight took off from Bangalore HAL airport to BIAL. The flight was commanded by Deccan Captain Pratap Deshpande and First Office Ms. Hetal S. The Deccan flight was a brand new Airbus A320, which carried media persons and senior airline executives had 173 people on board and travelled 15 nautical miles and cruised at a low altitude all through. The test flight was delayed  by one and a half hours!

On board, flight safety demonstrations were done by flight attendent Priyanka and passengers were assisted by the cabin cre wof Gurpreet, Neha and Hina. On arrival the media were addresed by Albert Brunner.

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