Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Udupi: Haven to the Truly Wild

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Situated in the Western Ghats, the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 88.4 88.4 sq. km in Udupi District, Karnataka. It was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1974, and abounds in wild critters typical to South-east Asia.

Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Udupi: An overview

The Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary is divided into two parts, each separate from the other. The smaller section is situated towards the southwest of the larger section. The sanctuary is mostly made up of evergreen forests, semi evergreen and moist deciduous forests. It is situated very close to the much bigger Kudremukh National Park. However, that does not in any way take away from the beauty of the sanctuary or the amount of wild flora and fauna found here.

Tiger spotted at Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. Image source sanctuariesindia.com

Quick Facts

  • Timing: Mon-Sun : 06:00 AM – 06:00 PM
  • Nearest Town: Udupi
  • Best Season to visit: November to April
  • Video Camera Fee: Free
  • Still Camera Fee: Free
  • Entry Fee: Adult: Rs. 200/ Child: Rs. 100/-


Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary
Karnataka Forest Department, Karkala,
Udupi – 574104
Phone: +91 08 2582 1183, Deputy Conservator of Forests

Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Udupi: Animals, Birds, Reptiles and Butterflies

Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. Image source sanctuariesindia.com

Animals: There are a number of animals that live in the environs of the sanctuary.  They are Barking Deer, Bonnet Macaque, Common Langur, Gaur, Jackal, Leopard, Lion Tailed Macaque, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Tiger, Wild Dog and Wild Pig.

Birds: There are also a few exquisite birds like Ceylon Frogmouth, Malabar Pied hornbill, Malabar Trogon, and Malabar Whistling Thrush which can be found in the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary.

Reptiles and butterflies: Reptiles like Pythons, Monitor lizards and King Cobras abound in the forest. The forest is also a butterfly lover’s paradise. In addition, one can find trees like Golum, Lophopetalum Wightanium (called Balpale, in Kannada), Aini (called Hebbalasu), Hopea parviflora, Ceylon oak and so on within the boundaries of the sanctuary.

Activities and Sightseeing in and around the Someshwara Sanctuary, Udupi

  • Trekking: This is the most actively undertaken sport within the Sanctuary by visitors. One needs to see the concerned authorities for the necessary permissions.
  • Camping: There is a nature camp meant for youngsters and children called the Seetanadi Herpeto Camp.
  • River rafting in the River Seeta is another popular sport. There are other places dotted around the Someshwara Sanctuary that is of interest.
  • They are the Agumbe Sunset point to explore for the nature lovers
  • Waterfalls: The Onake Abbi Falls, Kudlu Theertha falls and Jomlu Theertha

The Sanctuary gets its name from the famed Someshwara Temple. Besides, there are a few other temples in and around the sanctuary worth a visit for the spiritually-inclined.

How to reach Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Udupi

By Air: The close by airport is Mangalore

By Rail: Nearest railway station is in Udupi and Shimoga

By Road

One can travel from Bangalore to Shimoga, and take a bus or taxi to the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary via Agumbe and Tirthahalli. Alternatively one could travel by road (nearly 365 km) the entire stretch.

An alternate route is from Mangalore to a place called Mudbidri, then Karkala and Hebri (nearly 90 km). Hebri is situated on the southern edge of the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the lesser known sanctuaries in Karnataka. As a result, it is one of the truly wild places with lesser tourist footprint compared to the other popular wildlife sanctuaries in the state.

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