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Trekking is the most famous adventure sport in Karnataka. For nature enthusiasts this is the best possible way to discover the natural beauty of Karnataka. Beginning from the southern most parts of the Sahyadri hills in North Kanara to the Sholas of the Coorg, the entire region is ideal for trekking in Karnataka.

The numerous hills and forests enable the adventurers to go for trekking in Karnataka. Travelers will find trekking trails in Coorg, Chikamagalur, Canara, Shimoga and Hassan. The mountain peaks of Kudremukh, Kumara Parvatha, narasimha Parvatha, Kodachari and others help the trekkers to indulge in their favorite sport.

Karnataka provides paradise for trekkers on the Western Ghats section. There are many more places with numerous waterfalls, rocky terrains, national park reserves along the Kaveri basin, Bandipur and Nagarhole reserves etc.

Agumbe – Narasimha Parvata

Aagumbe provides the best sunset scenery. This peak is situated in the South Kanara in Western Karnataka. It belongs to the Kudremukh National Park. Look out for the Barkana falls and the View point offers us splendid view of the Western Ghats.

Jogigundi a good camping area, brings the view of the stream forming a waterfall. Read here to know more about trekking in Agumbe.

Bananthimari Betta

It is just 3 km from Kanakapura  on the Kanakapura-Ramanagaram road. Located between Konanadoddi and Kutnahalli.  At the base of the hill there is a temple named Bananthimari which means mother who is nursing her baby.

From the Hillocks you can get the glimpse of Ramadevara Betta, Kabbaldurga and also Savandurga.

  • Getting Here:  75 Kms from Bangalore, 3 Kms from Kanakapura.
  • Route: Bangalore – Kanakapura Road and deviation that leads to Ramanagaram.


This is situated in the dense green forest rightfully called as the Green Route from Sakalesh Pura to the Subramanya Railway station. The railway track stretches through the think forest for about 52+kms with 50 odd tunnels and bridges along. Trek route takes to Edaku’meri for one night stay. You can halt another night at Donigal.

Places to visit near by are Kukke Subramanya, Kumar Parvatha, Sakalesh Pura.

Getting Here

  1. 300+kms from Bangalore.
  2. 30+ kms from Subramanya.
  3. 20+ kms from Sakalesh Pura.

Best time to visit: End of September to Early March.
Climate: Sunny with showers.
Tourist Information: To avoid odd hours to track on the rail route, begin trek from Subramanya or Donigal.


Kudremukh Peak is 6,250 feet high, the hill is a short way up. On a clear day, the coastline of the Arabian sea is visible to the naked eye. There is a small waterfall at the highest point which is ice cold. In summer the peak is closed. There are 13 trekking routes within the park. Read here to know more about Kudremukh.

Kurinjal in South Kanara District

This peak at 20 kms from Kudremukh colony. The trek route takes us to Bhagavati forest check post, Village called Mala. Deep into the jungle typical to the Western Ghats. One will find an old Receiver Station which is abandoned.

Watch out for wild bisons. Nature camp, Bhagavati, Hanuman Gundi, Kudremukh Sutanabbe falls are some of the landmarks.

Getting Here:

  1. 300kms from Bangalore.
  • Best time to visit: End of September to Early March.
  • Climate: Sunny with showers
  • Tourist Information: This whole area is inside the Kudremukh National Park so no one allowed to camp inside the National Park and will have to follow the guidelines of the authorities.


  1. From Nearest Town Kudremukh Colony
  2. Nearest Hotel: Samse

Siddara Betta

Situated in Koratagere taluk, Siddara betta is around 97 kms from Bangalore. It is an ideal place for trekking and cave exploration. The rocky mountains of this place has rare species of herbal plants. It is said that many hermits use to perform meditation in these  caves hence it got the name Siddara Betta.

Siddara Betta is filled with variety of vegetation.  The natural spring on the hillock is know for medicinal values.  A wide variety of medicinal plants grow here.  The fresh air on these mountains are natural remedy for respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis etc.

Many species of birds are found here and it is a natural habitat for the yellow-throated Bulbul. Read more about Siddara Betta here.

Getting Here

  1. 75 kms from Bangalore on (NH4) Bangalore – Pune highway to Koratagere and 18kms from there to Siddara Betta.

Best time to visit: October to Early March.


  1. Nearest eatry Koratagere Udupi Hotel
    Cellular Services -Airtel, Cellone and Reliiance

Tadiyandamol in Virrajpet taluk in Coorg

The peak is the highest in Madikeri district adjacent to Makutta forest. ‘Nalku Naadu Aramane” an old palace is situated here. This is an one day trek. Bhagamandala, Madikeri, Abbey falls, Nagarahole are the landmarks on this trek.

Getting Here

  1. 250kms from Bangalore.
  2. 30+kms from Virrajpet town
  • Best time to visit: Early winter
  • Climate: Misty showers
  • Tourist Information: Though the place boasts of thick forest, caution on trekking routes. Be prepared to encounter leeches at the marshy soils.


  1. From Nearest Petrol Bunk: 20kms (Napoklu)
  2. Nearest Medical Help: ~20kms (Kakkabbe)
  3. Nearest Hotel: ~50kms(Vir raj pet)


Thadiyandamol is the highest Peak in Coorg (Mercara) Dist (1745 Mtrs MSL). This place is around 250 Kms from Bangalore – via Virajpet. The climb to this mountain is gradient passing through grassland. Kodagu is noted for its scenic beauty. Hiking and cross-country walks.

200 trails have been explored and marked in the Western Ghats, for trekking and nature trails.

The trek begins from Kakkabe village, from Madikeri it’s an hours drive to Kakkabe. It would be convenient to arrive on the previous night stay at Kakkabe which has a few home-stays. Regular KSRTC buses connect Madikeri with Bangalore and Mysore. Local buses are available from Madikeri to Kakkabe.

It is a moderately difficult trek of approximately 8 Kms, which means it will 4 to 5 hours for a reasonably fit person.


56 Kms from Bengaluru, is one the hills amid the Nandi Hill ranges. The Nandi hills range has views across the plains and ideal for hiking. Channagiri hill is densely covered with shrubs. The trek starts from a temple near Sultanpet and the track goes behind the hill and culminates at the hilltop taking wholly about 2.5 hours.


Coorg is a delightful place for long and short walks. Popular trek routes are around Talacauvery, Madikeri, Kottebetta and Tadiandamol. 250 km from Bengaluru, Kodagu is in the middle of Western Ghats with lush green rolling hills, forests and coffee plantations. Read more about Coorg here.


Jalamangala is about 65 km from Bangalore, is an idyllic weekend getaway that has something for everyone. Sited deep in the countryside near Ramnagaram, Jalamangala is famous for its rocky hill known as Narayanagiri that soars to a height of around 3845 ft.

The hill is accessible via an irregular footpath in the lower parts and rough steps, hewn on the stone rock face in the upper reaches.


Anthargange is a hill range with huge volcanic rocks and boulders scattered all over. This place is around seventy kilometers from Bangalore. Thorny shrubs cover the hill, while there is dense plantation forest at the base. Flight of steps, halfway the hill leads to an ancient temple.


100 km from Bengaluru, Kuntibetta near Mysore and very close to Padavpura. Kuntibetta is actually two hills and the one on the right is also called Bhimanabetta. The rocks are oddly enough – also known as the ‘French Rock’.


Makkalidurga is 45kms away from Bangalore after Dodda Ballapur. Makkalidurga, also known as Gunjur Hill, is situated at Makalidurga village, 12 km from Ghati Subramanya.


Kemmannugundi is a single, secluded hill surrounded by sprawling coffee estates, waterfalls and ornamental gardens. Kudremukh forest is a dense mixture of moist and dry deciduous forests.


Savandurga is a place with a fort on a lofty mountain, about 60 km from Bangalore. The hill consists of two granite cliffs of 4000 feet tall and 13 kilometres (8 miles) in circumference, one called Bilibetta or white peak, another Karibetta or black peak.

Kumar Parvatha Hills

This place is located around Kukke Subramanya. The hills are 4000 feet above sea level.This route is one of the difficult trekking routes of karnataka.A 30km trek takes you deep into the forest from Kukke. It will take 2 days for a beginner to complete the trek route.

The best time for the trekking in Karnataka is just after the monsoon, that is in the months of September to December. In these months the landscape is lush green and in its most enchanting form. There is no scarcity of water.The only problem with trekking in these months are the leeches. They are abundant in the wilds especially in these days. So never ever forget to carry salt with yourself while on trekking at Karnataka.

If you require accommodation and food, inform the the Kukke Subramanya temple authorities in advance their number is 94486-47947.

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