Commercialiasation of residential areas in Karnataka

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Popular residential areas like Jayanagar, Koramangala, Indiranagar are witnessing the conversion of homes into offices. The main reason for commercial establishments looking for residential buildings instead of pure commercial ones is the cost savings. But in the process the residents are being inconvenienced.

These days every other building is a ‘Montessori’. This adds to the traffic on narrow roads.

Bangalore has a Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) which frames all laws about such issues.

Most residents of Bangalore (and across India) are unaware of the exact law. People take advantage of this and break the law. In the recent edition of City Jagran this issue was addressed.

Resident Buildings As Commercial: What does the law say?

  1. The law states that not more than 50 square metres or 20 per cent of the plot area, whichever is higher, may be used for such specified commercial purposes.
  2. The law also stipulates that on-site parking must be provided at the rate of one car park for every 50 square metres of office or shopping space and every 75 square metres of restaurant space.
  3. The law requires that appropriate sanctions and licences must be obtained for running a commercial establishment.

Resident Buildings As Commercial: Court’s Version

The High Court in January 2012 had passed an order clearly stating that no new commercial activity is allowed in residential areas.

In some portions of CDP, many zones were proposed as ‘residential mixed’ but the Karnataka HC in its interim judgement had struck down the proposal of  ‘residential mixed’  in the revised Master Plan. So, no commercial activities can now commence in a residential area.


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