Puravankara: An Illustrious Success Tale of a Master Builder

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Built on strong professional foundations in the year 1975, the originally Mumbai-based Puravankara Group is a reflection of dedication and elegant lifestyle. By contributing massively to the economy of the country and by building the dreams of thousands with bricks and stones, the company has become a synonym for transparent development over the last few decades. Puravankara [stock quote] provides a plethora of options to its customers by combining the local expertise garnered through years of experience with input from world-renowned management consultants from abroad.

Puravankara prides itself on keeping up with the latest trends, and indeed being a beacon of light in terms of innovation. The company is hallmarked for its customer oriented approach and the remarkable success story Puravankara has magnificently bricked up over the years bears testament to this unique and novel approach. Cementing durable relationships with customers through transparent transactions, the Group has earned the trust and hearts of millions.

The immense popularity Puravankara enjoys among Bangaloreans owes much to its steadfast emphasis on quality. Coupled with the customer-centric philosophy, tireless research and development as well as determined engineering, Puravankara has concocted its own formula of success. The Finaliste, International Prix d’ Excellence award for 1998 was presented to Puravankara for its undertaking “Purva Park” in Bangalore. International recognition has gone hand in hand with other domestic awards such as the ‘Best Urban Design & Master Planning’ award for Purva Fountainsquare in 2010.

From the seventies onwards, 36 housing and business projects in commercial cornerstones such as Mumbai as well as the southern states of Chennai and Bangalore have been completed. About 25,000 residents reside blissfully in the villas, apartments as well as stylishly designed row-houses created by this master builder. New projects are underway currently in established cities like Bangalore and Chennai while new markets including Kolkata and Cochin are being ventured into. Coimbatore is also on the verge of being home to Puravankara constructions in the near future.

As an Indian realty company that is has seen 40 years of unbridled brilliance, a strong dedication to build structures and gloriously earned reputation among the populace that lives on for generations have made Puravankara a current behemoth in the real-estate development business in the southern half of the country.

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