House of Hiranandani – Bringing Home Perfection

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Since the past three decades the House of Hiranandani has been the leading force behind the changing face of real estate in the country. The Hiranandanis have brought a phenomenal change that is almost akin to a revolution in the concepts and theories with regards to real estate.

The group is not only responsible for raising buildings in India but have an impressive resume that boasts of healthcare, retail, education, entertainment and hospitality as their focus areas. The Hiranandanis have a matchless and unrivalled approach when it comes to different segments of building whether it is designing, planning or even engineering.

The group has introduced a unique concept of New Urbanization that has at its crux the challenges faced by builders when it comes to developing environment friendly projects. The Hiranandanis have now mastered the art of planning and executing ventures that have environment friendly approach going hand in hand with urban development.

Some of these projects have become landmarks in the history of urbanization of modern India and are specifically known for their clubhouses and community centers both within the country as well as abroad.

The House of Hiranandani is a multifarious organization that has held on to its mission and visions all these years while at the same time has also evolved them keeping in mind the changing needs of the time. There has been a path-breaking foray into the business of real estate in India and have single handedly changed the definition of buying and selling property in the country.

Their customers and clients are well assured of the quality and essence that goes into every grain of the construction and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have set the standards of real estate in India and have set them really high.

The House of Hiranandani boasts of a highly professional and well qualified team that works wonders in every area of construction including R&D. A team of extremely competent and qualified technicians regularly inspect the construction standards as well as the quality of the raw materials to be used so as to ensure that both are of exceptional quality at any given time.

Effectual and dynamic plumbing as well as contemporary electrical praxis warrantees durability and also helps minimize the emission of waste products.

The House of Hiranandani endeavors to give its customers and clients products that are not only unmatched in terms of design and construction but also are also of superior quality so as to leave them as examples for posterity.

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