Bangalore the main revenue generator for Karnataka

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Police having to push bus on KH Road flyover, Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is the main revenue generator of the state. While it occupies a mere 0.4% of the state’s area it accounts for 98% of the software exports.

The following table gives a clear picture of how important Bangalore is for the state. It would be good to see other parts of the state contributing a lot more, thereby having some economic balance across the state.

This table was published in Times of India (September 9, 2013)

 KarnatakaBangalore% share of Bangalore
Population61 million / 6.1 crore9.6 million / 96 lakh16%
Area191,791 sq km741 sq km0.4%
Stamps & Registration TaxRs 5,265 croreRs 3,873 crore74%
Motor Vehicle TaxRs 3,563 croreRs 1,852 crore52%
Excise Duty
(includes Bangalore Urban & Rural Districts)
Rs 11,070 croreRs 6,274 crore57%
Commercial TaxesRs 31,876 croreRs 19,125 crore60%
Software ExportsRs 1.35 lakh croreRs 1.32 lakh crore98%
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