Girish Koushik – A chess Whizzed

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Girish Koushik  a young Chess wizard, from the state of Karnataka, cherishes to adorn the grandmaster title. The boy is a promising asset to the state as well as the country. Girish Koushik  has an impeccable power of authority over the chess board. The gifted talent has taken him to higher levels of Chess Championship. He had won the World Youth Chess Championship U-10 category held on 18th and 19th October in 2006 in Batumi Georgia. Since then he cherished a dream to become the youngest world grandmaster before he turned 13.

Girish Koushik : Nurturing at younger stage

It is always said that to bring up a talent, the child should be well cared from the beginning. Thanks to the great mentor and father of Girish Koushik , Mr. Arun V Koushik , who dedicated his time and passion for nurturing his son’s talent. At a dainty age of 3 years his father Mr. Arun, who is a professional chess player himself, started to give his son Girish the training to manipulate and win over the black and white army. As young as seven years he won Gold medal for the U-7 chess Championship conducted by the Karnataka Government at Shimoga in 2004.

Championships and Achievements of Girish Koushik

Girish Koushik’s achievements were not just confined to the one championship. Girish also won the U-9 championship conducted in Mysore in 2005. After the glory at home, his footsteps were on to the next glory which was the Asian Youth Chess Championship, where he got crowned champion conducted in New Delhi in 2005 by the FIDE. He won his first National Level Championship U-9 Chess Championship National level at Solahpur in Maharashtra in 2006. His winning was never battered with age. He had an array winning streaks over the years. His unbeaten frame of mind led him to win the National Level Championship U-11 in Calicut, Kerala a let him acclaim the place in the National Championship.

His undefeated personality led him to win more and more championships over the years. Following were the other achievements that added a feather to his cap over the years.

  • Asian Youth U-10 Chess Championship held in the year 2007 at Al-Ain, UAE
  • Champion at the Commonwealth Chess Championship held at New Delhi in December in the year 2007
  • In Tehran Iran in the year 2008, won the Asian Youth U-12 Chess Championship
  • Won the Telegraph National U-11 Chess Championship held at Kolkata,
  • Won the National Level U-11 Chess Championship at Ahmedabad,
  • Won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Chess Championship held at Nagpur

Winning the FIDE Master Title

With all his championships and winnings, he is undoubtedly the best to get awarded the FIDE master title. He was fortunate to be awarded such a title at a young age. Girish Koushik dreams to be titled as the Grand Master soon. His impeccable talent in Chess had led him high up in the career, even when Chess is not a game that has a glamorous side.

Future Aspirations

With dwindling financial support from the government, his career is at a threatening position. Yet Girish is trying hard to gain his position over the championships to pursue his dream to become a Grand Master.

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