Yellapura – A Trek Through a Tiny Village

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Trekking through jungles to the top of two magnificent waterfalls can seem like an attractive prospect for any moderately trained trekking enthusiast. This definitely seems to be the case, going by the ever increasing popularity of Yellapura.

A Quick Overview of Yellapura

Yellapura is a quiet and scenic village in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. This tiny little hamlet, where growing areca nuts and rice is the main means of livelihood, is becoming a hot tourist spot, and the main attraction here is not the areca nut.

Located in the Western Ghats and surrounded by dense forests and hills and streams and lovely waterfalls, this place is no different from a score of other places along the bio-diversity hotspot of the Western Ghats that are yet untouched and unspoilt by progress and industrialization. What sets Yellapura apart are the many magnificent waterfalls that surround it, mainly two of them, the Sattodi and Magod Falls. These attract trekkers in large numbers.

Trekking Around the Yellapura Region

Trek to Sattodi Falls: About 32 km from Yellapura, the Sattodi Falls is formed by the confluence of several streams in an area called Kallaramarane Ghat. The water from all these streams plunges down for about 15 meters, and the stream formed by this waterfall then joins the Kali River.

This place receives a lot of rains during the monsoon, and the terrain can become slippery and treacherous during this time. Summers are hot and humid, so this is an ideal trek that you can take up during this time. Plan your trekking trip here between November and March as the mild weather will be conducive to the long trek up to the top of the waterfall, and the route will be definitely picturesque.

Trek to Magod Falls: This cascade falls in two stages, from a height of 200 meters, fed by the Betdi River. This waterfall is in Magod village, 19 km from Yellapura. Located amidst thickly wooded forests, this waterfall rushes down into dense vegetation, so it stands in a tranquil spot.

While trekking upstream to reach the waterfall, you’ll pass a point called Jenukallugudda. This is a lovely destination in itself; from here you can get a beautiful view of the sunset.

Trek to Kavadi Kere: On the way to Magod Falls, 18 km from Yellapura, is the lovely Kavadi Kere Lake which stretches over 62 acres. Near this lake is the ancient Kavadi Kere Durga Temple. This place is 9 km away from Magod. This lake is situated in the midst of an evergreen forest.

Beside these, there are many other places to see around Yellapura like Unchalli Falls, Vibhuti Falls and the Maskatti Rock Formation. Chose the trek that you want to undertake and immerse yourself in the amazing locales.

How to Reach Yellapura

  • By Air: Hubli is the nearest airport to Yellapura.
  • By Train: The nearest major Railway Station is also at Hubli.
  • By Road: Hubli, 70 km away, is a major city that is well connected to all parts of Karnataka. From Hubli, you can get local buses to Yellapura

Once you fix your commute and accommodation, you’ll hardly have anything else to worry about.

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