Highlights of Hampi Utsav 2017

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The annual Hampi Utsav is set to enthral people from 3rd to 5th November 2017. With a variety of programmes lined up, the three-day long festival is going to be a grand show of heritage and culture. If you are planning to visit Hampi, there can be no better time than during this festival.

We bring to you a list of events that are the major highlights of  Hampi Utsav 2017.

Light and sound show

The light and sound show is one of the Hampi Utsav highlights that are sure to mesmerize you. The show involves special lighting of the monuments stretched across 15 km of Hampi ruins on the banks of River Tungabadra. The colorful lightings bring alive the ancient monuments in a spectacular manner.

Traditional dance and music shows

The festival brings to you a variety of traditional dance and drama shows. There will be a number of music shows by renowned artists. The colorful processions, puppet shows, and sparkling cracker shows are among the added attractions of the festival. All of them give the festival a vibrant feel.

Hampi Utsav highlights -bright parade of elephants and horses

When you talk about the Hampi Utsav highlights, you cannot miss the elephant and horse parade of the festival. Well-decorated elephants and horses take part in this parade. They are accompanied by the sounds of trumpets and pipes. The whole atmosphere provides visitors a feel of the ancient days when the Vijayanagara Empire was at its height.

Art and culture shows

A major Hampi Utsav highlight is the art and culture shows. People from various parts of the country and beyond attend the festival to witness the art and culture shows. Such shows have performances by well-known classical Indian dancers. Carnatic singers add to the beauty of these shows.

Concert of folk dance and songs

The folk dance and song concerts form one of the main Hampi Utsav highlights. Such concerts showcase the performance of folk artists from various corners of the state. Their skill and colourful presentation is a treat to the eyes of the visitors. You just can’t miss these concerts when you are at the festival.

Raja Marg decoration

As part of the festival, the road leading to the Virupaksha temple is decorated in a colorful manner. This road is known as the Raja Marg. Once you visit the road during the festival, you will know why it is called so. The decorations are fit to welcome a king. So, if you are attending the festival, this is one Hampi Utsav highlight you shouldn’t miss out on.

Exhibitions and competitions

The 3-day event includes exhibitions of many things. There will be exhibitions of flowers, books, paintings, fruits, art and craft, and sculpture. You will find exhibitions of food as well. If you love trying out different kinds of food, you just have to be there at the food exhibitions. The festival also has several competitions that are open to the public.

Sports events

The Hampi Utsav highlights include several sports events. If you are interested in sports, you can take part in these events. Such sports events include table tennis, swimming, volleyball, mud field race, stone lifting, kabaddi, weightlifting, tug of war, etc. Even if you don’t participate in all the events, you can simply sit back and watch others do so. There are some sports events for the women as well.

Hampi Utsav highlights – Watersports events

If you love water sports, this 3-day festival offers you enough reason to visit it. A number of water sports events like boating, speedboat ride, motor boat ride, coracle ride, rowing, surfing, inflatable boat ride, water scooter, etc. are on offer. You can participate in the sports events and have a great time.

Hampi Utsav highlights -Traditional handicraft and food court

The festival attracts a lot of craftsmen to exhibit their beautiful handicrafts. Even puppet makers display their puppets in this festival. You can take a look at their bright displays. If you wish, you can buy items from the craftsmen. Simply keep it as a memory of the festival or gift it to your dear ones. This apart, another Hampi Utsav highlight is the traditional food that you can taste there. You will be able to enjoy several tasty food items while at the festival.

This festival is a wonderful way to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka. You get to be a part of a grand festival that has something for everyone.

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