Forts in Karnataka

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No tourist survey is complete without mentioning about Karnataka’s historical forts. The whole range of ancient capitals of Bidar, Gulbarga, Bijapur, Vijayanagara, Badami, Basava Kalyan, Srirangapattan, Keladi, Chitradurga, Mysore, etc. had their forts.

Saundatti Fort. Photographer Manjunath Doddamani Gajendragad

There are hill forts at the

Bangalore, Devanahalli, Magadi (Bangalore district), Aymangala in Chitradurga district, Chikbanavar in Hassan district, Belgaum have fortifications round part of the towns even now.

The coastal island forts like Bahadurgad, Basavaraja Durga, Devagad and Kurmagad are as strong as they were in the heydays.