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The festivity surrounding Dasara makes it really special: Ramleela ballets, Ravan installations on fire, navratri special dances, fests, feasts and more. This colourful splash of festive tone sees many enthusiasts basking in the flavours of Dasara; and why not? Indians have every reason to. There are many special Mysore Dasara tour packages that make the event, even more, fun-filled.

Mysore Dasara Jamboo Savari

This huge festival of the Hindus is celebrated towards the end of Navratri. Also known as Vijayadashami or Dusshera (Dasara), it means different things to different communities and is celebrated in a peculiar style across the country. The deeper meaning lies in the victory of the good over bad, truth over lies and purity over evil. It also serves as the precursor to Diwali – the festival of lights. Let’s see what the lengthy fiesta has in store for us this month.

And if you wish to witness the grandeur in a unique way, there are many Mysore Dasara tour packages. We have listed a few of them:

Mysore Dasara Tour Packages: A Comprehensive List

Mysore on Foot: Dasara Walking Tour

Mysore Dasara Walk by Royal Mysore Walks

This guided Mysore Dasara tour package should be perfect for your sprightly soul as you tread the places of interest on foot. Enjoy the slow walk through the various Darbars and royal courts of Mysore, explore interesting galleries, watched decked-up elephants slow-walk, and soak up the heritage of the city. The Dasara tour has a close connection with the spirit of the festival. It takes you around those places where the king held important meetings and invited people over.

Mysore on Wheels: Golden Chariot Tour

Golden Chariot. Image courtesy Ichattopadhyaya

Experience the festivity wrapped in gilded luxury. Book a railway journey like never before. Bask in the comfort of luxury coaches giving you a round of the Dasara procession in play. Enjoy excursions to forts and hills, take a heritage walk and witness cultural shows. Get the best of both worlds, on wheels and foot, and explore the expanse of the city drowned in revelry. So what are you waiting for getting yourself enrolled for this unique Mysore Dasara tour package today.

Mysore with a View: Dasara Heliride Tour

If it’s about celebrating Dasara, it ought to be with full vigour! Observe the city of Mysore bathed in the colours of Dasara from a vantage point. To keep the streak of adventure alive, enjoy water sports and parasailing besides the helicopter ride. This is indeed a unique Mysore Dasara tour package.

Mysore on Two Wheels: Festive Cycle Tour

Mysore Cycle Tours

Get set for a cycle ride around the city of Mysore during one of the most popular festivals. Imbibe the festive flavour as you ride around on your bicycle, meet some locals, eat like them, experience the culture of the city and gain a sneak-peek into their ways of living. Pace through the colonial style buildings and enjoy a good South Indian meal and cup of typical filter coffee.

Mysore on a Jeep: Dasara Jeep Tour

To those seeking thrilling alternates to traditional Dasara celebrations, here’s a line-up of something fun to do – A unique Dasara tour. Buckle up to burn some rubber and watch the celebrations as you ride along. Traditional dolls, kushti matches and more await you across the trail. Indulge in the festivity with a twist and make the most of your ride in the wondrous city of Mysore.

Take any of these Mysore Dasara tour packages and enjoy the grandeur of Mysore Dasara. There is always more to explore in Mysore, the city of grandeur and festivity.


The Department of Tourism and Karnataka SRTC, jointly conducting a tour – Palace-On-Wheels. Travelers will be taken around the city in an AC Volvo buses. The tour consists of the Mysore Palace, Vasanth Mahal Palace, Lalitha Mahal, Cheluvajammanni Mansion, Karanji Palace, and Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion.

  • Time: Anytime between 10.00 am to 6.30 pm
  • Duration: Entire day
  • Guide: Yes
  • Charge: 999

Note: The trip starts from Kote Anjaneyaswamy Temple at 10.00 A.M and returns at 6.30 P.M. to the same place.

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