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Enhancing Education Opportunities in State – Vision Document 2020

  • Have you thought of studying Biology with the History, or Physics with Economics?
  • Have you thought of taking a break from the regular confined course to take a break at any point of time and continue whenever you want?
  • Wouldn’t it help if you had a choice on choosing when to write your exams?
  • How would you feel if you had a choice of changing the University within the State in the middle of your course?

Students from Karnataka can expect their dreams come true. This also opens a wide range of opportunities in education for outsiders also. The state so far is noted for its job openings, will also aim at providing better education opportunities.

The draft of the Vision Document 2020, which highlights 12 key areas of transformation, to achieve the goals set by the state government for development. The key areas are prepared by the State Planning Board aims to achieve rural prosperity through higher incomes from agriculture and allied activities, job-oriented growth through concomitant skill development of the workforce, besides developing a vibrant knowledge society.

According to the propositioned document, students can change a subject midstream — from Arts or Science or Commerce — instead of going through the fixed combination. They can change, not only the subject combination, but also the university. This concept is based on the Cross Learning System in Universities in US and Europe. 

Mr. D H Shankaramoorthy, vice chairman of the state planning board has confirmed that after studying this system, the State government will propose the vision document.

Last Updated: Jan 6, 2009

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