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Being a university, situated near the town of the Vijaynagara ruins, Hampi, the Kannada University is a pioneer for higher education in the state of Karnataka. Otherwise known as Hampi University, this abode of education was founded in 1991 with a motive to enhance the Kannada language and in that way propel literature, folklore, traditions and culture of Karnataka. Hampi is also known for its mythological and historical importance.

What does Kannada University Offer?

Kannada university offers M.A. Ph.D Integrated course in Kannada folklore and literature, enabling the degree holder to complete a post-graduation as well as research on this field. The duration is for 4 years. Bachelor of Fine Arts is offered. A Music B.A. is also offered by the University, otherwise known as B.A. in Sangeeta. The Diploma in Sculpture calls for a qualifying minimum of 2 years in SSLC. A music diploma is also offered with the same minimum qualification as mentioned above.

Some certificate courses are also offered by the university in Kannada languages. Being divided into 3 wings, the University comprises of the Adalitanga (Administrative wing), the Prasaranga (Publication wing) and the Adhyayananga (Academic wing)

Research and Grants

The university has undertaken over a 100 research projects till date and the results emanating from such research have been put up for everyone to see at Prasaranga. The journals and periodicals with regard to women’s studies are also brought out regularly by Prasaranga. Some journals are also available on the folklore of Karnataka, language studies in Kannada and science.

The Who’s Who of Kannada University

The University was set up after the Government of Karnataka set up a commission chaired by Sadashiva Wodeyar to look into the demands. This committee worked hand-in-hand with some of the intellectuals and experts and submitted a report and eventually recommended the establishment of this University. The current Chancellor, also the Governor of Karnataka, is Sri Hans Raj Bhardwaj. The vice-chancellor of the University is Prof. A. Murigeppa, and the director of studies is Prof. Veeresh Badiger.

The University strives to bring to the fore the rich and varied tradition of art forms and culture in Karnataka and keep the spirit of a Kannadiga alive. The museum present in the campus of this university is being converted into a national museum, which will be made accessible to all.

Contact Address

Kannada University, Hampi,
Vidyaranya-583 276, Hospet (Taluk) , Bellary (Dist.)
Karnataka . INDIA.
Tel: +91-08394 241337, 241334, 241335
Fax: +91-08394 241334, 241335
E-mail:kanandauniversity@gmail.com , mail@kannadauniversity.org

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