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Technology has brought about tremendous change to the life of the common man. With the phenomenal upsurge of communication technology and media, the entire globe seems to have shrunk in size. Every boundary seems to have been transcended due to the progress of communication technology. In context of this phenomenon, pursue of mass communication and journalism as a stream of study and a career becomes extremely interesting and important.

Mass communication is a vast subject of which journalism is an important part.  The study of mass communication explores how messages can be used to influence and affect the outlook of the person receiving it. Mass communication deals with telling a story that has a strategy and purpose.

Today mass communication has become an indispensable part of human life. From newspapers to social media and from blogs to advertisements, it has penetrated every aspect of our daily life. Journalism is one of the best ways for mass communication to reach to the people.

There are several medium of journalism, all of which can serve the purpose of mass communication. The different types of journalism based on diverse medium are as follows:

Print Journalism

Print journalism is the reporting done for newspapers or magazines. A degree in print journalism allows an individual to become a full-time reporter or pursue as a freelance writer for various publications. Generally a print journalist has to act as a photojournalist or has to team up with one to take pictures that will be used with the written story.


Photojournalism deals with capturing images on camera that can be used to express a story. Photojournalists do not give much importance to capturing images that do nothing more than simply look nice. To become a photojournalist one must be a well-trained photographer who knows about the intricacies and details of photography.

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast journalism includes journalism for both radio and television. In broadcast journalism a journalist can select to be involved with it in either of the two ways: behind the scenes or on air. Journalists who prefer to work behind the scenes carry out a lot of research for their reports but their faces or voices are not broadcast. Journalists who prefer to be on air may prepare their own report or may simply read out the stories that have been researched and prepared by other behind the scenes journalists.

Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia journalism is the latest and the fastest growing field of journalism. It is also one of the most comprehensive fields of journalism. A multimedia journalist may require the skills of all the journalists listed above. This is because a web page may have a written story, still images, audio files and video files as well. Apart from these, multimedia journalists are required to possess an ability to tell a story in a very interesting manner and they must possess high technical skills as well.

University level colleges for journalism & mass communication in Karnataka

  1. MS Communication from Bangalore University
  2. MA Journalism from Karnatak University
  3. MA Journalism from Mysore University
  4. MA Journalism from Mangalore University

Colleges that offer journalism & mass communication courses at higher education level

  1. Garden City College, Bangalore: BA in Journalism
  2. Indian Institute of Journalism New Media, Bangalore: The curriculum has been developed in association with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York
  3. Manipal Institute of Communication
  4. Pioneer Media School: offers three one-year postgraduate diploma courses in journalism, corporate communications & event management and television programming. The Centre for Film and Drama in the School offers a PGD course in Film and dramatic arts. The school is located on 5th Floor, Sona Towers, 71, Millers Road, Bangalore- 52
  5. Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies – offers 10 month diploma course in print, online and electronic media.
  6. Strat School of Media Studies, Bengaluru – offers degree programs in the field of media studies and is part of the CMR University, Karnataka.
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