Beaches of Karnataka

A beach is a Geological landform along the shoreline of an ocean, sea, lake or a river. It usually consists of loose particles which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles or cobblestones.

Although the seashore is most commonly associated with the word Beach, they have their own and special features which include Trekking, diving, boat rides and more adventurous activities.

Derebail in Karnataka. Photo credit: wildxplorer

The 320 kilometer coastline of Karnataka is mushroomed with beautiful palm-fringed beaches. The picturesque beauty and charm of Karnataka beaches make them must-visit destinations of the state. Below are some fascinating/gorgeous beaches :-

Gokarna Beaches

This place is famous for its picturesque ancient temples, blue sky, landscapes and beaches. Learn more about beaches in Gokarna

  • OM Beach Om beach is the only naturally Om shaped beach.Om beach is named so because it is shaped like the auspicious ॐ [Om] symbol.

Mangalore Beaches

The major port city of Karnataka having Arabian Sea on its west and Western Ghats on its east. The sea shore of Mangalore boasts of having beautiful beaches ….more

  • Panambur Beach: Panambur beach is famous for International Kite Festival.Panambur is the name of place where New Mangalore Port is situated
  • Someshwara Beach: A popular destination for capturing the moment when the sun spreads its orange wings while dipping into the sea creating a magical scenario. beach is well known for the large rocks called “Rudra Shile”.
  • Ullal Beach: This place is famous for its historical and beauty values that are matchless.
  • 10 Spectacular Beaches to chill out near Mangaluru

Murdeshawara Beaches

This place is well known for temples ….more

  • Bhatkal Beach: The most beautiful beach near to Murdeshawara.it’s still unspoilt and virgin.
  • Murdeshwar Beach: The beach is quite safe for swimming, except during monsoons.

Karwar Beaches

Karwar is a nice beach which is 100 km away from Goa and 268 km from Mangalore. This beach is a perfect blend of sun, sea, sand and hills….more

  • Kurumgad BeachKurumgad Beach is a tortoise shaped Island.This beach is very popular for the Narasimha temple.

Surathkal Beaches

There are many educational institues anf industries….more

  • Surathkal Beach: Surathkal Beach is famous for its natural scenic atmosphere. Tourists spend weekends enjoy a day in the beauty of Surathkal.

Udupi Beaches

Udupi is known for Krishna Mutt…. more

  • Kaup Beach: The beach is a serene place with nature’s beauty in abundance.  It have the power to make a person oblivious to all his pain and tiredness.
  • Malpe Beach: Malpe beach is one of the best picnic spot. The main attraction is St. Mary’s island, about 6 km from Udupi.
  • Maravanthe Beach: This is an unique place where the arabian sea and the river is separated by a narrow road. Maravanthe is a beautiful beach along the Arabian coast lying in Udupi district of Karnataka.