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Kempe Gowda was the founder of Bangalore which was designed by him in the year 1537. He built the four towers to mark the outer most boundaries of Bangalore, today the city has grown in leaps and bounds and they stand prominently in the heart of the city.

He built more than 100 lakes and many markets in and around Bangalore. He also built many monuments in and around Bangalore, including the Nandi Temple. One of the towers stands in Lalbagh which has been rebuilt to look like a temple.

The story goes that when Kempegowda was building his new fort, its southern gate would collapse every night. Astrologers advised him to conduct a human sacrifice but Kempegowda was reluctant to do so. And then one morning, as workers went to work on the gate once again, they found it had not collapsed. But nearby they found the of Lakshmamma, Kempegowda’s pregnant daughter-in-law, who had killed herself to appease the Gods. A distraught Kempegowda is said to have built a temple in Lakshmamma’s name. The temple is less than half a kilometre from this memorial in 6th Block, Koramangala.

Kempe Gowda’s Four Towers

1 Tower near Mehkri Circle underpass, next to Ramana Maharishi Park is the North Tower – is located in a well maintained park, while a few statues on the mantap are headless. The rest of the tower is in a good shape. This is one of the only tower located on a level land and not on a hillock.

2 Tower near Kempambudhi Lake Hanumanthanagar – The location around is very picturesque with the tower is almost invisible, perched on the top of a hillock by the Bandi Mahakali temple. It is surrounded rocks and trees.

3 Tower in Lalbagh at the end of Double Road – is on top of a hillock in lalbagh is the most visited among all the towers. From here you can actually seeing the Bangalore Skyline. The tower is on a rock which is very ancient and believed to be 3,000 million years old according to Geological survey of India.

4 Tower at Ulsoor Lake – is really well maintained by the military. They use this place for training their personnel. Common man cannot visit this place, unless special permission is sought.

Kempe Gowda Towers

Kempe Gowda Tower @ Hudson Circle
Kempe Gowda Tower @ Mekhri Circle

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