Bannerghatta National Park

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The Bannerghatta National Park is hailed as one of the most famous and prominent of all national parks in India. This man-made park is home to several species of birds and animals and it attracts children and adults alike through its varied wildlife.

An Overview of the Bannerghatta National Park

Spread across a sprawling area of over 104.27 sq. km, the Bannerghatta National Park was established in the year 1971. The park has been famously hailed for housing a wide variety of birds and animals, and is especially known for its tiger and lion safari. Boasting of an exquisite variety of flora and fauna, the park is a treat for animal lovers and children.

The park encompasses ten reserve forests of the Anekal Range under the Bangalore Forest Division. Situated at a distance of 22 km from the city of Bangalore, the park houses a zoo, conservatories, and a museum.

There are several small temples that sit atop the hills inside the park that you can pay a visit to. The Suvarnamukhi stream runs across the park and it is believed that the stream originates from the Suvarnamukhi Hill. Just over 2 km from the hill, you can also find the Suvarnamukhi pond which is said to have several curative powers.

Things to See and Do in Bannerghatta National Park

Feast your eyes on a wide array of wild animals including the likes of Leopards, Lions, Zebras, Bengal Tigers, Panthers, Porcupines, Rhinoceroses, Elephants, Spotted Deer’s, White Tigers, Bison, Panthers, and Bears.

The park authorities have divided the park into separate sections for herbivores and carnivores. Private safaris can be organized as well, but authorities have to be contacted with regards to this aspect.

The park also has the significance of housing the first ever butterfly conservatory in India. The conservatory is circular in shape and spread over an area of 10,000 sq. ft and it is the brainchild of the Zoo Authority of Karnataka, University of Agricultural Sciences and the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE). The park is dotted with flora that attracts over 20 different species of butterflies. The conservatory maintains a tropical climate with the necessary humidity level to suit the butterflies.

Children can gather information and improve their biological knowledge by paying a visiting the museum located inside the park that houses several exhibits. Trekking enthusiasts can traverse across the Uddigebande, Hajjamana Kallu and Mirza Hills and visit the small temples that are located in these hills.

How to Get To Bannerghatta National Park

The park is normally closed on every Tuesday. It is open through the rest of the week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Although the park has tropical climate throughout the year, the best times to visit is between September and January.

By Air: Bangalore airport is the most nearest point from the park.

By Rail: Bangalore railway station is the closest point from the park.

By Road: The park is located an hour’s drive away from the city of Bangalore. There are regular buses that connect the various areas of Bangalore to Bannerghatta National Park.

The Bannerghatta National Park is an ideal getaway for all animal lovers.

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