Kundadri Trek – A Trek in the Western Ghats

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Kundadri is a hill famed for its trekking expeditions in the Western Ghats. The forests bearing the hill lie in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The huge monolith that lies 3,200 feet above sea level is less crowded and undisturbed by tourists. Extensive vegetation adorns the slopes of the hill. It is an ideal place for trekking and Kundari trek is indeed a fascinating experience. Read on to find out why.

Kundari Jain Temple. Image courtesy: Manjeshpv

Kundadri Trek Trails

It is a moderate trek and gets less intense on taking the roughly paved path on stone all the way up to the hill. Another interesting means of reaching atop the hill is by driving your way up, except the last fifty steps or so. Depending on the level of difficulty you choose, you can branch out into different trails of higher levels of difficulty. The trek takes approximately two days to complete. Avoid trekking on the hill during the rainy season as it can get quite slippery and the mist can mar your vision. Furthermore, be wary of leeches. The festival that is celebrated here by the devotees is Makara Sankranthi. Devotees head uphill in flocks causing it to be extremely crowded during that time.

Lake near Jain Temple. Image courtesy: Manjeshpv

Things to Do at Kundadri

Visit the Jain Temple: This temple along the Kundari trek houses the deity of Parshwanatha who was the 23rd tirthankar. It is thus dedicated to Thirthankara. Many centuries ago, this place had given shelter to acharya Kundakunda. Two ponds located on one side of the temple actually provided water to the sages earlier on.

Watch the sunrise: Despite being in the Western Ghats, you can catch a good glimpse of the sun rising and gradually brightening up the environment. Needless to say, on your downward journey, you must stop for a while to watch the sunset.

Head to the dam: The regular Kundari trek route takes you around streams to the dense jungle offering spectacular views. You do end up connecting with the backwaters of Varahi Dam. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions and season, one can spot beautiful lotuses on the ponds.

Kundadri Jain Temple Sunset. Image courtesy: Manjeshpv

How to Reach Kundadri

By Air

The nearest airport to Kundadri is Mangalore Airport which is roughly 126 kilometres. The second closest is Kempegowda International Airport, which is about 350 kilometres.

By Rail

If you go to Kundadri region by rail, you can board the train from Shimoga Railway Station, which is the closest one. From there, you can you can hop on the bus to Theerthahalli to reach the trek.

By Road

There are regular buses plying to Shimoga. As an alternative, if you choose to drive down, you can get onto National Highway NH-206 for Shimoga and take a detour to NH-13 to reach Theerthahalli. Don’t forget to turn right at Guddekere.

Kundadri is a fine destination to visit, regardless of whether you are on a holy pilgrimage or want to admire the natural beauty of the region through an adventure trip. All you need to do is pack your bags and plan your trip efficiently. Enjoy Kundari trek.

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