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Karnataka is famous for its impeccable beauty, cultural dimensions as well as adventure sports. Bordering the Western Ghats, Karnataka has an amicable climate and topography that attracts thousands of tourists from all over India. The splendid waterfalls, the thick jungles, the gigantic hills and the adventurous places in Karnataka present you with scope for all kind of activities. Bangalore is one such place, where thousands come together to enjoy the fun and venture the city has in store for them.

The best part of Karnataka is the thickets of forests and the mysterious stories that follow as tell-tale among the common people.  A combination of mystery and fun – that is Karnataka. The state hosts many exciting sports events to quench the thirst of any adventure lover. The state is ideal for an adventure escapade. A religious mystery lies in every part of Karnataka which truly drives the adventure lovers to the state.

Here are few adventure sports in Karnataka:


Skydiving is an adventure sport where one must jump from a flying plane up in the air around 10000 feet high. Skydiving is usually organized by some specific camps and is accessible only when the camps. There are camps organized by teams, who come up to Mysore for this kind of adventure trips. Make sure you are perfectly healthy when you try this.

Microlight Flying

Explore the sky in a comfy two-seater plane from around 1000 feet high up in the sky and grab the chance to even try hands on flying an aircraft. With the help of a trained pilot, one can fly up in the plane and even learn a few tricks on steering the plane. This experience would be an enriching one to enjoy the joy ride up in the air and learn the basics of aviation.

Bangalore Aero sports conduct this sport in Jakkur airfield, in Mysore airport, and in Coorg, it is organized by some of the agents. The sport is safer for any age and since the height of flight is smaller, there are no parachutes provided. Air traffic controller helps in the landing and flying smoothly, by keeping an eye on the air traffic. This is one of the most sought-after adventure sports in Karnataka.

Scuba Diving

Take a leap into the deep waters of Netrani, Murudeshwara with Scuba diving adventure. Scuba diving lets you experience the underwater world. The unique experience can be taken up, in the clean and clear waters around the Netrani Island. Trainings are conducted prior to the scuba diving, by experienced trainers. Even though you might to not see many coral reefs and all, yet you might get a good view of the fishes under the water. Come and take part in one of the best adventure sports in Karnataka.

Jet Ski Ride

One can enjoy the wavy ride in the sea, playing with the waves and performing water stunts like in movies. A diver is also accompanied with you to ride the Jet Ski. One can take some splashy round trips in the water, experiencing the cool shower of the sea water.

White Water Rafting

White river/water rafting is an interesting way to battle with the strong currents of water flowing. The best season to enjoy white river rafting is November to February. River Rafting has become one of the popular adventure sports in the areas of Karnataka. Adventure enthusiasts are coming up to enjoy the swift ride in the clear waters of the rivers.  The places like Netravadi, Sitanadi, Devabagh, Karwar, Gokarna, Maravanthe Beach and Dandeli are famous spots where one can enjoy River Rafting. Coorg is also an ideal place to enjoy white river rafting. River rafting is considered by many as one of the best adventure sports in Karnataka

Off-road Driving

Off-road driving means enjoy a drive on the varied tracks in an SUV or small ATVs. The fun lovers who enjoy driving can benefit from these off-road driving, in the rocky terrains and off beaten locations to explore the places. Many off-road events take place in Karnataka, where the tracks are laid up for vehicles to move. It is true sport that triggers an adrenalin rush.

Rock Climbing

If you need fun rock climbing experience, there are many indoor milder rock climbing walls built to take up in cities like Bangalore and Mysore. To have the real fun and adventure, then one must visit Ramanagara. It is a live experience in climbing the rough terrain to reach the top to get a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. The rock climbing is not easier and can be done with the assistance of experienced hands through camps conducted in Ramanagara. Rock climbing is one of the most preferred adventure sports in Karnataka.


Trekking is always an ideal choice for adventure lovers to explore the nature and the wildness. It is one of the cheapest adventure ones can plan anytime. Many popular trekking trails are available in Karnataka which will keep your spirit up and high. One can join the expeditions and then take up a wonderful trip into the deepest parts of Karnataka.  Take part in this best adventure sport in Karnataka.

Cave exploration, Madhugiri. Image courtesy sundeep agarwal

Cave Exploration

Walk through the tiny gaps made by the giant rocks and relish the sight of rocks standing on pin points. The cave explorations let you discover more about the history and the formation of caves. The rocks also contain many marks and writing which are inscriptions from the past. A guide will take you all along the journey through the caves.

Parasailing. Image source Flickr


Being pulled by a boat while you float up in the air is an amazing experience to cherish. The ride is seasonal and only feasible when the wind is favorable and the waters are calm. Riding up in the air overlooking the vastness of the sea and the land would be a mind-blowing way to quench the thirst of adventure.

Dirt Biking

Enjoy the splash pf dirt and hit the roads mud covered in the bike. Speeding through the dirt’s and splashing it all over, like kids playing in the mud. Enjoy this awesome experience in Kolar in Dig Rock Moto Park.

High Rope Navigating

One can take up the high rope traversing anywhere in Karnataka, a well-managed way to cross a river without getting wet. In this, a rope is tied to two points and one can cross the river with the help of the rope.

Mountain Biking. Photographer Sigsegv

Cycling and Biking

Many cycle rallies and bike rallies are conducted in Bangalore. There are various groups that intend to encourage cyclist to preserve the nature and prevent pollution. Most of the people are now opting for cycles to nearby locations even to offices, to create an eco-friendly nature.  Bangalore bikers club organizes a round trip on bikes which any bike enthusiasts can enjoy.


The lake paradise of Karnataka offers many spots to enjoy angling. The innumerable lakes in Karnataka are perfect for the same. Bhimeshwari is one of the favorite spots for angling with lots of Mahseers found here.

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