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So what does S.M. stand for? His full name is Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna. In the inaugural session of on Nov 1, 2000 Clarence J. Chandran (ex-COO Nortel Networks) said in his speech that S.M. stands for Simply Marvelous. We agree :-)

SM Krishna was one of the most popular Chief Ministers of Karnataka. In May 2009, SM Krishna was appointed as the External Affairs Minister.

So why was the media gaga about this CM? Simple…

  • Understands the importance of technology
  • Understands the importance of BPO/ITeS
  • Took initiative in encouraging Biotechnology industry.
  • Formed Bangalore Agenda Task Force because he clearly understands that the city can improve only if citizens participate.
  • Finally got the Bangalore international airport project to start.
  • He treats govt as a “business”, hence he has used the services of McKinsey & Company, the world’s leading consulting firm with a 75-year-old history, to streamline its economy and locate more jobs for its citizens.

However, we have complaints with the CM for not getting the following done

  • Pollution levels are alarming in the state. NOTHING has been done about this. Check out the roads for yourself, majority of the vehicles are emitting thick black smoke.
  • Dealing with any of the sub-registerar’s office can be very demotivating. NOTHING gets done without bribing.
  • Traffic police in Bangalore is a joke. They don’t have enough powers to punish bad drivers. Cutting yellow lines, jumping red lights is the order of the day.
  • Corruption still exists in government offices.


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