Anegudde Temple at Kumbhashi

Anegudde is a beautiful temple dedicated to the Lord Vinayaka, situated at Kumbhashi, Udupi district of Karnataka, India. Anegudde literally means elephant hill in Kannada, rightfully the abode of the elephant God Ganesha. The temple is located near Kundapur, about 9kms. It is about 90kms from Mangalore on the National Highway 17 and 30kms from Udupi town.

The Lord is called Siddhi Vinayaka or Sarva Siddhi Pradaayaka will grant and fulfill his devotees’ wishes.   People believe in him that he will solve many of their problems and hence the place is known as “ Mukti Stalas”  which means “Place where you can attain Salvation”. The garba griha or the main sanctum has the  Lord Vinayaka in Chaturbuja (with 4 arms) in huge rock like structure covered in silver armour.   Two arms are posing as “Varada Hasta” granting boons, and two hands indicate to attain salvation. There are many sculptures related to Bhargava Purana.  One can also visit the Mahalingeshwara temple nearby.

Lord Vinayaka at Anegudde


The Sthala Purana (legend of the land) indicates that this place as it was drought ridden during the time of Pandavas.  Sage Agasthya arrived from Heaven to perform Yagna (religious offering) to please the Devas for rain. Kumbasura, an Asura(demon) troubled the sages and disrupt  the sacred  yagna. At this time Lord Ganesha  presents Bheema, who is son of Kunthi, the strongest among the Pandavas,  with a sword. Bheema fights Kumbasura and slays him. Thus the yagna was completed successfully.

Special Pujas

Ganesha Chauthi  or Chaturthi  of every lunar month is celebrated with special poojas and devotees throng to the temple on these auspicious days.


This is a unique custom of offering to the God.  The person can offer commodities equivalent to his or her weight to the temple. Rice, jaggery, coconut etc are offered as Tulabharm.

How to reach:

By Road:

  • 400 kms from Bangalore on NH17
  • 90 kms from Mangalore
  • 30kms from Udupi 
  • 9kms from Kundapur.
  • Buses ply from Udupi, Kundapur, and Mangalore to Kubhakasi.

Nearest Railway Station: Barkur, near Kundapur.

Nearest Airport: Bajpe, Mangalore.

Food and Stay: There are two guest houses at pilgrims. Temple offers lunch to all the devotees as Prasadam.

Nearby places: Udupi, Kundapur, Kollur, Basrur, Barkur