Uddana Veerabhadra Temple, Hampi – Shrine for a Cult Deity

Uddana Veerabhadra Temple in Hampi

Uddana Veerabhadra temple is an ancient shrine in Hampi that is known for its religious significance. The temple has the largest statue of the demon king Veerabhadra, built during the Vijayanagara period, in Hampi. The temple is located southeast to the Chandikesvara Temple and midway between the Sacred Centre and the Royal Enclosure. It stands […]

Badavilinga Temple, Hampi – A Shrine for Shiva

Badavilinga Temple, Hampi. Copyright Karnataka.com

Badavilinga Temple is a wonderful temple in Hampi dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Hindu deity Shiva is worshipped in the form of a Linga in this temple. The Badavilinga temple is located near the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple. Tourists as well as devotees flock to the temple throughout the year. Quick Facts Timing: 5:00 AM to […]

Hemakuta group of Temples, Hampi – A Cluster of Ancient Shrines

Hemakuta group of temples on Hemakuta hill in Hampi. Photographer Dinesh Kannambadi

The Hemakuta group of temples is a cluster of ancient temples situated on the Hemakuta hill in Hampi. The Hemakuta hill is located in the southern side of the Hampi village and the hilltop is dotted with a large number of temples. The temples on the Hemakuta Hill are among the oldest cluster of shrines […]

Prasanna Virupaksha or Underground Shiva Temple, Hampi

Prasanna Virupaksha or Underground Shiva Temple, Hampi. Photographer Ssenthilkumaran

Prasanna Virupaksha temple is one of oldest temples in Hampi. Built during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire, the temple is located near the main road to Hampi bus stand and close to the Noblemen’s quarters after Chandikesvara temple. It is one of the popular temples that are visited by tourists on the Hampi trail. […]

Trikuteshwara Temple

District: Gadag Town: Gadag Temples: Trikuteshwara Temple Trikuteshwara Temple The Trikuteshwara Temple is located in Gadag in the Gadag District of Karnataka that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Trikuteshwara Temple – Overview The Trikuteshwara Temple is a beautiful Shiva Temple in Gadag town, Gadag district in North Karnataka. Gadag is famous for its ancient temples […]

Someshwara Temple

District: Gadag Town: Lakshmeshwara Temple: Someshwara temple Someshwara Temple Someshwara Temple – Overview The beautiful temple of Someshwara lies in the Lakshmeshwara temple which falls under the Gadag district of Karnataka. Lakshmeshwara is an agricultural town. The town has the beautiful Someswhara temple. Other places of interest are the Jamma Masjid, the dargah, the shrine […]

Navalinga Temple

District: Koppal Town: Kuknur Temple: Navalinga Temple Navalinga Temple Kuknur, located in the Koppal district of Karnataka, is popular for its temples constructed by Chalukyas and Ratrakutas. The most famous temple among them is the Navalinga Temple. Navalinga Temple- Overview The Navalinga Temple is constructed in Dravidian style. Since each of the nine temples has […]

Nanneshwara Temple

District: Gadag Town: Lakkundi Temples: Nanneshwara Temple Nanneshwara Temple The Nanneshwara Temple is located in Lakkundi village, Gadag district, Karnataka. Nanneshwara Temple – Overview It is believed that owing to its similarity to the Kasivisvesvara Temple, The Nanneshwara Temple was a prototype for it. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, has intricate carvings on the […]