Bangalore Stock Exchange

Bangalore Stock Exchange is currently the largest stock exchange in South India. The BgSE is managed by the Council of Management consisting of members nominated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), public representatives, elected members and Executive Director.

The Exchange has been continuously growing since its inception in 1963. There are 595 companies listed on the exchange out of which over 300 companies are non-regional companies. As of now, more than 5000 companies belonging to listed and permitted category can be traded at the Exchange.

The Exchange has about 239 members. The corporate members constitute more than 25% of the total membership of the Exchange.

Bangalore Stock Exchange was the first stock exchange in South India to start electronic trading of securities in 1996. Bangalore Electronic Securities Trading (BEST) system facilitates automatic order matching facilitating in trades. When trade takes place, the automated system generates unique trade number and execution time, ensuring reliability and complete transparency in the dealing.

Automated trading has resulted in a sharp growth in volumes of shares traded on the Exchange. Turnover at the Exchange has grown from Rs.4300 crores in 1996-97 to Rs.8300 crores in 1997-98, an increase of 97%.

With a view to support the investors in resolving their grievances, Exchange has established an Investor Services Centre. The Exchange co-ordinates with the companies, members and investors in resolving the problems. The Centre also offers counselling services.

The Investor Services Committee comprising of Public Representatives, members, Vice-President and Executive Director oversees the functioning of the Cell and they are authorised to take appropriate steps for amicable solution of the grievances. To enable the investors at other places to have access to the services, Service Centres has been set up at Mysore, Shimoga and Davangere. Similar centres are also proposed to be opened at other leading commercial centres of Karnataka.

The Exchange has also established a well equipped library and Investor Information Centre to cater to varied information needs of investors, corporates, members and others. The Centre has wide range of books, periodicals, journals, annual reports, prospectus and research publications relating to Capital Market.

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Source: Rajaram Bhandarkar