Old Age Homes in Bangalore

Old age homes are a boon for people who cannot stay together in a joint family structure for various reasons. Many NRIs find themselves in a precarious situation when they have to leave their old parents behind. There can be various reasons why parents cannot stay with their children but this should not become a reason for despair for both the parties involved.

Old people comprise of 8 per cent of the total population of India according to  a survey done in 2011 and in Bangalore the elderly account for 15% of the city’s population. It is little wonder then that old age homes are coming up in a big way in Bangalore and are no longer associated with negative and dreary images where old people are left to fend for themselves.

Many of these homes are more like retirement homes where old people can mingle with people from their own age group and spend their time enjoying each other’s company. You can chose from the many old age homes in Bangalore where your parents or elderly relatives will be looked after all.

Old age homes like Asha Nivas, situated in St John’s Campus in Bangalore is one such place where you can be rest assured that your old relatives will be looked after well. Eventide Home Association on Rajaram Mohan Rao Road is a trust based old age home that has been exclusively started for Anglo Indians and Protestants.

Another trust based old age home is the Maneyangala Oldage Home built on Sampige Road in Malleshwaram and invites people above 55 years of age and who are physically fit. Old Ashram Trust on Banergatta Road runs on Society Trust and caters to old people above the age of 60.  All the four mentioned old age homes charge you monthly fees for upkeep and maintenance of the place as well as for the food provided.

An NGO run old age home in Bangalore is Nightingales Elders in Enrichment Center, Malleshwaram and does not charge any fee for stay and food. Another trust based and cost free old age home is Ragvendra Virdhashram on Kumara Krupa Road. Stephens Home for the Aged is a private but free old age home located on Clarks Road near Richards Town.

There are many old age homes in Bangalore that are dedicated to providing old people comfortable and happy settings to make them feel like they are home away from home.