List of Old Age Homes in Bangalore

Many old parents don’t have support during their sunset years. Many children are not in a position to be in the same city of their parents.

If you can afford, please do make sure they are taken care of in a good old age home. They deserve it and most importantly they have earned it.

We are attempting to list all old age homes in Karnataka. We would appreciate your help in expanding this list.

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Old Age Home – Bangalore Center

Sl NoName of the Old Age HomeTelephone/Contact PersonType of Mngmt/ServicesCriteria for Admission
1Asha Nivas2555 4636PrivateAbove 65 Yrs

132,St.John’s Church Campus,Rev. NirmalaChargedPhysically fit

St. John’s Church Rd, PB No.Vasanthkumar

544, B lore-05

2Eventide Home Association2221 4534Society TrustAbove 60 Yrs (For Anglo

No.5, Rajaram Mohan RoyMrs. E. BlackhamChargedIndian & Protestants Only)

Rd, Blore-25

3Maneyangala Oldage Home2346 5254 / 2012 3088TrustAbove 55 Yrs

No.45, sampige Rd, Btwn 3rd &Mr. B.S. SriRanga ManiChargedPhysically fit

4th Cross, Malleshwaram, Blr-03

4Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre+91 80 23342929 /
+91 80 41244017

No149, 11th

Between 16th & 17th cross,

Malleswaram, Bangalore -560055

5Om Ashram Trust2658 1682 / 6453 0629TrustAbove 60 Yrs

No.573, 6th Main, 4th Cross,Mrs. Geetha ShankarBoth

Bannerghatta Rd, Blore- 76

6Ragavendra Vrudhashrama4113 8512 / 2344 9479TrustAbove 60 Yrs

No.19, Kumara Krupa Rd, opp98442 10226FreePhysically fit

Sindhu Seva Samithi, Blr – 01Mrs. HollaDestitutes

7Stephens Home for the Aged2551 3805PrivateAbove 65 Yrs

No.14, Clarkes Road, NearRev-Nirmala Vasanth KumarFreeDestitute women

Richards Town, B lore-05.

8The Bangalore Friend in-need2286 5519SocietyAbove 60 Yrs

SocietyAllan JonesChargedMedically Fit

No.3, Colonel Hill Rd, B lore-51

9Vallabha Nikethan2226 9794 / 98861 74116TrustAbove 65 Yrs

Vishwaneedam Trust, No.19,Girija HegdeChargedPhysically fit

Kumara Park East, B lore-01.

10Villa Maria Senior Citizens Home22111481SocietyN.A

Maria Seva Sangha, 6 Rose22111482Both

Lane, Richmond Town, Blr-25.Rasquinha

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