The name “Murudeshwara” means Shiva or Eeshwara. The significance of this holy town dates to the time of Ramayana. Read more about Murudeshwara here.

Statue of Lord Shiva

murudeshwara shiva statue. Image source Wiki

District: Uttara Kanada Town: Murudeshwara Temple: Statue of Lord Shiva Statue of Lord Shiva A statue of Lord Shiva is in Murudeshwara town in Bhatkal Taluq, Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka. Statue of Lord Shiva, Murudeshwara – Overview The Statue of Lord Shiva in Murudeshwara is the second biggest statue of Lord Shiva in the world after the […]

Shri Ganapathi Temple

District: Uttara Kanada Town: Idagunji Temple: Shri Ganapathi Temple Shri Ganapathi Temple The Ganapathi Temple in Idagunji is in Honnavara Taluq, Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka. Shri Ganapathi Temple – Overview Idagunji, a small town in Honnavara Taluq is famous for its Ganapathi Temple. It is an ancient temple, with a history dating back 1500 years. This temple […]

Near by Murudeshwar

Bhatkal is around 16 Kms from Murudeshwar, is an old port town. A predominantly Muslim town with 42 mosques. During the Vijayanagar kingdom in the 16th century this was the main port. It also famous for Jain Chandranath Basadi with its stone tiles and a temple dating back to the Vijaynagar kingdom. The temple is […]


Gopuram at Murudeshwara Temple. Photographer Ishwar

Murudeshwara temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, lies in the holy beach town in the Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India. Situated between the Honnavar and Bhatkal town(about 12kms) The statue of Shiva here is the world’s tallest and it lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea. History of Murudeshwara […]