Poll Predictions – Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013

CNN IBN Karnataka Elections 2013 predictions With TV media reaching every household in India the poll predictions by ‘pundits’ have become very important. The unfortunate part of the analysis is that we see caste still plays a big role in our elections. The Karnataka State Assembly with 224 seats requires 113 to form the government. The seat standings for 2008 was: Congress 80, BJP 110, JD(S) 28, Independents 28. On May 5, 2013 Karnataka assembly elections will be held. The poll predictions so far,

 Tehelka-C-Voter (January)Public TVChanakyaSuvarna News-CFore (Dec 2012)CNN-IBN and The Week (April)CNN-IBN

  1. Prabodhan Research Group (April 2013): Congress 95 , BJP 81, JD(S) 27, KJP and independents 8 each, BSR-Congress 5.
  2. Prof. Rajeev Gowda: Congress (115-130), BJP (40-45), JDS (30-35), KJP (15-20), BSR (3-8)
  3. Headlines Today-C-Voter (March): Congress 114-122, BJP 48-56, JD(S) 32-38, KJP 10-14

What are Political Parties Predicting?

  • We will get absolute majority, claims former CM and KJP leader Yeddyurappa [source tweet & video]
  • Congress will get 125 or more seats, says Siddaramaiah [source tweet & video]
  • BJP now is confident of  “forming the government” [source tweet]
  • No predictions from JD(S) yet

Oneindia Karnataka Poll Survey Result

Many participated on Oneindia’s Facebook app “Karnataka Guru” to share their predictions. Here are the results,

  1. 45.72% people have predicted Congress to win => 102 seats
  2. 29.29% people have predicted BJP to win => 66 seats
  3. 13.5% people have predicted JD(S) to win =>30 seats
  4. 10.42% people have predicted KJP to win => 23 seats
  5. 1.08% people have predicted Loksatta Party to win => 2 seats

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