All information related to Karnataka assembly elections and results from Karnataka for Loksabha or general elections.

Karnataka General (Lok Sabha) Election Results 2014

Overall results of General Elections (Lok Sabha Elections) held in Karnataka in 2014, Total number of seats 28 BJP: 17 (-2) Congress: 9 (+3) JD(S): 2 (-1) Also see, General Elections 2009 Karnataka Results General Elections 2014 in India – Parliamentary Constituencies in Karnataka Karnataka: AAP gets lesser vote count than NOTA Mysore Paints […]

Karnataka Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Voter Turnout

General elections (Lok Sabha elections) was held in India during April-May 2014 in a total of nine phases. Elections were held in Karnataka in the 5th phase. Bangalore has a huge population of the IT/BT sector who tend to complain a lot of non-governance, unfortunately the voter turnout in Bangalore was the worst in the […]

Parliamentary Constituencies in Karnataka

Karnataka will go to elections in 2014 for 28 Lok Sabha seats. Here is the list of the 28 Parliamentary Constituencies of Karnataka along with the assembly constituency segments under each parliamentary constituency for Lok Sabha Elections 2014. The state has 46,211,844 voters and 434 candidates in the fray. 21 candidates among the 434 are women […]

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013

karnataka assembly election 2013

If 2008 saw positive vote and dawn of BJP in South India, the 2013 elections will be known for negative vote and return of Congress to power in Karnataka. Congress is confident but unsure of numbers due to wrong selection of candidates, infighting among leaders and absence of grassroots workers. The BJP is fighting to […]

Karnataka Assembly Elections Results

These tables give an overall picture of  Karnataka Assembly Elections results. The year wise and constituency wise details can be found on India’s leading election site Elections results can be very unpredictable as you don’t know how the voter will vote on the day of elections. One cannot go with pre-polls results alone. Given […]