Corruption in Karnataka

One cannot blame just the government for this problem, people need to fight against it which is not happening. Some of the reasons for corruption could be following:

  1. Usually the state and central (federal) governments are not from the same party. But be assured the politicians of all parties are of the same breed.
  2. People of Karnataka are not of fighting nature. They will take any amount of crap. We tend to only bitch and moan, but we will never unite and protest as a group. This works perfectly for the politicians.
  3. Party heads will not allow the state government to operate sincerely. The state govt is expected to fill the coffers of the party in Delhi.
  4. One of the ex-CMSs was known to have made an average of Rs 1 crore [$200,000 plus] per day.
  5. Eventhough raids are conducted on such officers, nothing happens. Such officers are suspended, brought back to service and even promoted.

There are sincere officials, but very few. You have to bribe the govt officials for everything in Karnataka.

Some of them are:

  1. For birth and death certificates you have to bribe these officials. Even in case of a death in the family, they have absolutely NO consideration for what the family members are going thru.
  2. For opening and closing companies in Registrar of companies.
  3. Try getting a power of attorney without bribing anyone, almost impossible. You have to even bribe the person who takes your fingerprint.

Most corrupt offices in Karnataka are:

  1. Bangalore Development Authority [BDA] – they sanction sites, house plans.
  2. Registrar of Companies [RoC]
  3. Regional Transport Office [RTO]- Jayanagar, Koramangla, Indiranagar RTOs are considered to be the worst in Bangalore.

One has to be impressed to see how organized these folks are, they seem to have a process for everything. May be they should get themselves ISO certified – it would be the worlds first certification for corruption!. Luckily, ISO is for good things which help the society and not for such evil things.

There are standard rates for everything. If you know of any rates send it to us and we will maintain a bribe rate card for you. Most of it is applicable in Bangalore. We would love to know the on going market rates from other cities. Also check out the site I Paid a Bribe – you can lodge your complaint on that site too.



Bribe Rate Card
Birth/Death certificate
[genuine cases]
Rs 450-3,000
Birth/Death certificate
[fake cases]
Rs 500+
Burying a dead
  1. Rs 100 to shift the from van
  2. Rs 150 for the person who gives a bath
  3. Rs 500-Rs 2500 for postmortem [in Victoria hospital]. If you don’t pay they will tell you they found alcohol in the and it is a police case.
  4. Rs 1000 to bury the
Approval of 30′ x 40′ bldg planRs 10,000
Approval of 40′ x 60′ bldg planRs 15,000
Approval of apartmentsRs 6/sq ft
Khata transfer1-2.5% of the site/bldg cost
Hotel licensesRs 10,000-Rs 1,00,000
Garbage cleaning tendersRs 52,000 plus. We feel the govt should be bribing these vendors to takeup the job.
Customs clearance for bonding.Rs 15,000 plus.


If the public has any information they may contact:



124, I Floor MS Building
Bangalore – 560 001
Phone: +91-80-2225 7638
Anti-Corruption Branch,
No 36, Bellary Road,
Bangalore – 560032.
Helpline: +91-80 – 2237 5014
Phone: +91-80-2333 1026 / 2333 2726/ 2363 0288


Details of Few Raids

Details of raid conducted in June 2008 (from Bangalore Mirror, June 28, 2008)

  • Amanulia Sharief, Assistant Commissioner of Commercial Tax (Davangere). Total: Rs 1.35 crore
  • Shiva Prakash, Deputy Commissioner of Commerical Tax, Sheshadripuram. Total: Rs 4.54 crore
  • Ramakrishna M, Deputy SP, CoD, Bangalore. Total: Rs 3.47 crore
  • HD Mahalingaiah, Taluk Executive Offier, Tumkur Taluk: Rs 96 lakh
  • CR Bellari, Executive Engineer, PWD, Haveri: Rs 1.42 crore
  • Narase Gowda, Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Belgaum. Total: Rs 51 lakh
  • NK Baladeva Krishna, IAS, MD, SC&ST Development Corporation. Total: Rs 1.06 crore
  • Mahboob Khan, District Registrar, Gandhinagar. Total: Rs 1.79 crore
  • Keshava Murthy, District Registrar, Tumkur District. Total: Rs 2.06 crore
  • Khayum Ali, Additional Director of Mines and Geology. Total: Rs 2.66 crore

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